Holy Trinity C of E Primary Academy Geography Curriculum

At Holy Trinity C of E Primary Academy, we ensure our children develop a curiosity and fascination for the world and its people. Children will be provided with opportunities to investigate a range of places, including Britain and abroad, as well as our local area of Oswestry, and the Earth’s physical and human processes. Through our Geography units, children will be provided with a fully inclusive geography curriculum where children will develop geographical concepts, geographical knowledge and skills, and promote a love of geography.
To aid children in developing their geographical skills, we at Holy Trinity equip children with the knowledge about places and people; an understanding of resources in our environment; physical and human processes; formation and use of landscapes. Through our geography curriculum children are provided with opportunities to collect and analyse data, using maps, globes, aerial photographs to identify countries, oceans and continents. Children will develop their vocabulary bank, with new words and their meanings explained and used in context. At Holy Trinity we understand the importance of fieldwork and educational visits, where children are able to practise their geographical skills and develop a sense and curiosity about the world and the people who live here.
To ensure high standards in the teaching of Geography, we implement a curriculum that is progressive throughout the whole school. Geography is taught as part of a termly unit, following the National Curriculum, however Geography frequently makes cross-curricular links. Children will be provided with key words relevant to their geographical topic, with them being able to explain their meaning by the end of the specific unit. The local community will be used as frequently as possible, to ensure children can make real-life links including reading and following maps and studying local physical and human features. Children will develop their understanding and questioning through the use of atlas’, globes, maps and ICT, and be provided with opportunities to showcase their learning through creating their own maps, writing reports, asking questions and participating in debates.
At Holy Trinity we want our children to be well equipped with geographical skills and knowledge for life after our school in the wider world. We want children to enjoy learning about Geography, encouraging their enthusiasm to learn and develop their own knowledge in and out of school. We will measure progress through the national outcomes at the end of each unit, this will be supported through book monitoring and discussions with children. At the end of each lesson, children will be encouraged to complete a cheeky challenge, where they are provided with an additional question or activity which enables them to demonstrate their learning independently. Children will be provided with the opportunity to answer questions throughout lessons, as well as time to talk to talking partners in order to gain peer on peer advise and share ideas and know.

Geography Long Term Plan September 2023