Parents are encouraged to read with children on a regular basis and all children should bring home books to read. Younger children have a home school link book to aid communication. Older children have a reading log for which they themselves are responsible, although parents may also like to add comments on reading progress and diet at home.
Formal homework is kept to a minimum. It is introduced gradually with spelling activities/lists, handwriting and learning tables. By Year 5 children are also set other homework tasks involving research, story writing, planning etc. Homework is set weekly in order to give pupils plenty of time to complete the tasks. Parents are encouraged to involve themselves in homework, checking that it is completed and returned, and to make comments on the homework. Parents are asked to notify the teacher if the homework is too difficult or takes too long, similarly if family life is too busy or the child too tired to complete the homework. The school provides a useful leaflet of advice on homework for parents.
The staff feel the advantages of homework are that homework offers the opportunity for

  • keeping parents informed of progress
  • individual learning in a quiet environment, free from distractions
  • parents to help their children and show an interest in their learning
  • independent learning
  • preparing children gradually for the demands of secondary education
  • laying down foundations for good habits when the child is older and has to work independently