Complaints Procedure

In the unlikely event that there should be a complaint, we hope that the situation will not proceed beyond the informal stage. We would encourage all parents to use the informal method of meeting with the relevant teacher or the Vice Principal as soon as a concern arises, in order to avoid relatively minor matters escalating.
Our academy is clear about the difference between a concern and a complaint. “A concern is the raising of a potential issue that is an expression of some worry or apprehension.” “A complaint is an actual statement of dissatisfaction that requires resolution. Staff should be clear on how to deal with complaints appropriately, depending on their seriousness.”
We believe in a system based on partnership between home and school, thus developing greater understanding and a sharing of responsibility. If home and school can be seen by children to be working together, then we surely must be giving them a very powerful message. If you do have a concern please share it at the earliest opportunity with the most relevant member of staff.
If you have a complaint rather than a concern please read our parents guide and full complaints policy available on our policy page. Stage 1 is similar to seeking resolution to a concern. Again we ask you to share you complaint with the relevant member of staff or a member of the Senior leadership team if you feel more comfortable with this. We will seek to resolve the complaint informally with you. If this is not possible then we will advise you of the next stage. We are unable to respond to complaints that are not raised correctly and the stages should be followed.