Collective Worship


Spirituality in Collective Worship

Collective Worship is at the heart of our school. It provides an opportunity for our school community to come together and share experiences, ideas and understanding. It is the context in which the language of spirituality, which we use as a school, is regularly and explicitly shared. It starts every day reminding us of our Christian Values and how we can make the day the best it can be.


Collective Worship provides the opportunity for pupils to become aware of the importance of reflection and how our positive and negative experiences can be formative. It also provides a real sense of being present which are often linked to invitations to pray. Through daily Collective Worship, pupils are offered a space and a place for hearing the Christian story. They are offered an understanding of worship by being invited to participate in, or observe, Christian spiritual practices such as: prayer, reading and reflection on the Bible and liturgy. Opportunities to reflect on the values of life such as courage and honesty in the world are given.

Pupils are given time to consider their responsibilities to others and to grow in love and service. Time is given for celebration, both for the accomplishments of school members and to mark seasonal Christian festivals. In this way pupils are offered time to be able to contemplate and develop spiritually. Collective Worship at Holy Trinity is invitational, inspirational and inclusive.


Summer 1 Worship

Each day the children take part in daily acts of worship.this can be a values worship where we talk about the different Christian values and link this to a bible story, global awareness with Picture News, song and hymn, St Chad’s value worship and celebration.

Please see below our daily acts of worship:





What a wonderful week of worship, we have spent time in the class with our picture news which focuses on global awareness, values worship looking at our core value of Hope and  how this value helps our children flourish. On Wednesday a group of KS2 children displayed this hope by visiting the local nursing home to drop off homemade hot cross buns and Easter cards. Today, we held our whole school annual Easter service at Holy Trinity Church.


Friday celebration worship

Well done to all our stars of the week and all the children who celebrated achievements from swimming to gymnastics.

we also celebrated our reply from David Attenborough when the children in year 3-4 wrote to him as they were interested in his programmes and how to support the school to reduce plastic pollution.


Our worship today was lead by Rev. Paul Darlington from holy Trinity Church. We looked at the value of Dignity.

Friday celebration worship well done to all the children whose achievements we celebrated and to Hawkstone  lass for their attendance. Hopeful bear 🐻 will be on his journey to Long Mynd class this week.

Church worship by Rev Andrew value of Hope.

Following on from this the children joined Rev Andrew at  connect club where they discussed the different bible stories from the Old Testament and the New Testament.


While the rest of the school were taking part in our daily act of worship song and praise, the choir were invited to the local nursing home to share songs and prayers. We sang our school hope song to local residents who gave the children a warm welcome and a round of applause.
This links to becoming a dementia friendly school and having links with a nursing home local to the school and supporting the community.
following on from this we will be making Easter cards and hot cross buns to serve our new friends.

Tuesday picture news value of Hope

Worship today focused on our core value of Hope this also linked to world book day. A book which we regularly read passages from in school is the bible, today we focused on the 1Peter 1:3 Living in hope through the resurrection of Jesus.


Monday worship with St Chad’s Academy Trust to celebrate St Chad’s Day. We came together over zoom with all the other schools in the trust to celebrate.

Who is St Chad?



Friday celebration worship

This week we celebrated many achievements during our worship such as maths, English phonics and positive attitude. Well done to Eddie for reading over 1 million words. Hopeful bear 🐻 will be on his way to Lawley class


Thursday picture news worship value of kindness


Song and praise worship – Wednesday

Today we looked at the lyrics for ‘This is amazing Grace’, where we discussed the lyrics and how a Jesus laid down his life for us.

please click the link to hear our whole school song: IMG_2758

Picture news worship – Tuesday

Year 5-6 were really passionate about collective worship today where they linked the big question to current actions in their life. Such as healthy eating and a healthy body. They produced posters to discuss current issues.


Values Worship – Monday Community

Today we looked at the value Community, the bible story  John 1 Nathaniel mets Jesus. While Nathaniel was already a good, decent, honest man, he still was lost without Jesus!


Celebration Worship Friday

Today we celebrated all the achievements across the school from Nursery to Year 6. Children received a star of the week certificate for efforts, we also invite parents, carers, grandparents and friends to help celebrate. For   example: Fikayo for settling well into the school. She joined Holy Trinity in January from Nigeria.


Church Worship – Thursday

Today  we looked at the value of love in John 3 verse 16. During  the worship children  take part in a call and respond- this is another way for us to communicate with God.


please click the link below: to see our call and respond: IMG_2784


Song and Praise Worship – Wednesday

We love coming together to understand the lyrics to our school song Hope.

♪ When I’m feeling lonely ♪
♪ And I start to worry ♪
♪ I know, God, You’re near me ♪
♪ And You’re always by my side ♪

♪ And I can lift my hands up to You ♪

♪ I can raise my voice and sing ♪
♪ You are who I put all hope in ♪
♪ I will trust You in everything ♪
♪ There is hope ♪
♪ There is hope in the Lord ♪


Picture News Worship –  Tuesday

The worship leaders were able to monitor  Picture News Worship across the school. They observed how each class discussed the current affairs which are happening in the world and how they reflect with their own opinions.


CPD for Worship leaders and Picture News Worship

Our worship leaders took part in training from ‘Picture News’ learning how to plan and lead a worship. The Zoom meeting enabled the children to identify what is needed in worship, how to engage the audience, and how to include a gather and send. We have come up with several action points. We have actions moving forward from the CPD that we will discuss as a group – see our minutes on the worship leader board.

Well done to all worship leaders in completing your CPD session.

__________________________________________________________________Values worship – Dignity Monday

In collective worship today, we learnt about the value of Dignity, we listen to the bible verse LUKE 4:1-13 where Jesus was tempted. He relied on the strength and wisdom of the Holy Spirit to guide him.
The children joined in with the actions of hungry, hot and strength as part of a collaborative worship.

Our worship ambassador Abbi closed with a prayer and an I WONDER moment.


Friday celebration worship

A huge well done to our worship leaders for their first pupil led worship about shrove Tuesday and lent. The children then handed out  a 40 acts of kindness  task over lent.

Values worship -hope

Today we looked at the value of Hope, we focused John the Baptist where he  offered hope to Jesus in the form of forgiveness. Jesus was baptised in the River Jordan.

please click the link below where we can hear our worship leader read our school prayer: IMG_2293