Year 6 visit Crucial Crewe

The children had great fun and we would once again like to say a huge thank you to all the services that supported this fabulous event.

Year 6 learnt some crucial lesson at Crucial Crewe
They mixed with other schools to learn about all sorts of vital lessons for the future.

Crucial Crew provides today’s children with an opportunity to acquire essential life skills at an impressionable time in their development. At Crucial Crew, children learn of the dangers of drugs, internet abuse and bullying, stranger danger, the effects of hoax calls etc. For many organisations, it is a rare and most cost-effective opportunity to raise awareness of the many dangers of the sea, water, electricity, railways, poor hygiene, smoking, building sites, internet, dog awareness, alcohol abuse and farm situations. As a result of attending, they are more confident in themselves and in a better position to make a positive contribution to their communities as they mature into junior citizens. The children also take this information back to their families, and members of their communities who may not have been privileged to receive this training.




Our week inErcall

It’s been a busy week for our first week back! We’ve practiced sports day, started a new english unit and created a science poster about our topic last term!

Next week, the year 4’s will finish their multiplication check, we will look in lunch boxes for DT and start to learn about Egyptians in History!

Fresh spellings have also been set.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Roberts

A week in Hawkstone Class

We have been very busy week this week and all children have worked exceptionally hard in all areas of the curriculum.

In maths, we have been learning more about time, we used mini clocks to support our learning when finding time in minutes and seconds and the duration of an event.

Our unit is Geography is coastal areas of the UK. This week we looked at the effects of erosion and discussed whether we would like to live near a coastal area.

This piece of work is presented beautifully and outlines the different effects of erosion.

In Art this week, we planned our own typography art using a single letter. From this, we will be creating a print art piece and then evaluating it.

The children wrote book reviews on books that they read for pleasure. We discussed the plot, characters, whether it was fiction or non-fiction and who they would reccomend the book to.


Our week in Hawkstone class

Well done to our star of the week Isla. ⭐️

Isla has been working on her handwriting joins and letter size, she has produced a wonderful description of the rainforest.

In art this week we have been exploring typography and created our initials with different resources.

In worship this week, we focused on the values of Joy and  Perseverance, where we looked at the parable of the lost sheep and picture news about never giving up.

In music, we have been using the glockenspiels and understanding the different keys. We then sang the chorus of black bird by the Beatles.


Fact of the Day:

Paul McCartney wrote this song is about civil rights for African Americans in support of the Black Power movement.

Hawkstone News

Star of the week ⭐️

Molly, she is caring, compassionate and respectful of others. Not only does she want the best for herself but for others around her.

On Thursday we visited Oswestry library to look at the author Micheal Morpurgo, we listened to extracts from his books, read the blurbs and found facts.

In PE, we focused on netball passes, the children looked at chest pass, bounce pass and shoulder pass.


Connect club this week focused on the New Testament and the good news from Gospel Mark.

In History we looked at early civilisation number systems and had a go at creating our own.