Hello everybody

We have had a very busy two weeks in nursery.  Last week we had Nursery Rhyme week, where we focused on a different rhyme each day. Monday we sang baa baa black sheep and did some lovely learning activities, including making sheep biscuits.

Tuesday we did incy wincey spider. We looked at how many legs a spider has and counted to 8.  Some children made play dough spiders and used pipe cleaners to make the legs.

Wednesday we sang 5 little speckled frogs and the children had a turn  at being a frog.


Thursday we had scrambled egg on toast as part of Humpty Dumpty. Mrs Kenning drew faces on the eggs and then they fell into the bowl like Humpty Dumpty.

Then Friday was Children in Need day and we dressed up in our own clothes. Thank you for your donations.

Then Friday was Children in Need day and we dressed up in our own clothes. Thank you for your donations. Throughout the week we had lots of exploratory learning as well and here are some pictures.


Last week saw Nikol as our star of the week, well done to you   and all children deserve the star of the week and they will get a turn. To us they are all stars.

That brings us to this week we have been learning about penguins and we definitely had the cold weather for it.  Your children are always entertaining and surprising us with how clever they are. We are  very grateful we get to share their learning journey with you.


We have been very lucky to have Amanda come and do music sessions once a week. The children are learning new ways to explore with music.


This week we chose Graham as Star of the week and nursery hippos have been to Fletcher and to Tyler’s homes and is spending the weekend with Roman. The next few weeks will be very busy with Christmas festivities. Bring on the glitter!

Thankyou as always for the support. Your children are wonderful and we love being a part  of their development

Mrs Kenning and Mrs Maltby.

Hello everybody it’s that time of the week again where we get to share with you the wonderful things your children have been doing in nursery. This week started with us talking about bonfire night and we asked the children if they had seen or heard any fireworks. Thanks to those parents that sent in pictures they were a great talking   point. We made some firework pictures of our own, using glitter and glue.   These were amazing.

The children were keen to tell us all about the fireworks they had seen. Some used words like loud and crash, it was a very good chance to learn new language. We continued with   fireworks and the children enjoyed  making sparklers and other pictures.

We talked about the safety aspects  of holding   a sparkler.

The children have been doing lots of pencil control activities and cutting skills. The children are learning to hold their pens and scissors correctly and safely.

We even use the scissors in the dough, which is  soft.

We wanted to explore some of the things you may do on bonfire night so we talked about some foods we may eat at a bonfire, we ate hot dogs in the forest.


Thursday was remembrance day, we talked about what it meant to wear a poppy. We made  poppy biscuits, and used red icing and chocolate buttons . We also did the two minutes silence in the big playground.

General exploring this week  included mark making and outside, also building with the blocks. Your   children are delightful!

We have used lots of sound talk with Fred the frog this week . You can see Fred on you tube. The children are learning to blend sounds together, this is all part of their early reading.

Nursery hippos have been to Jack and  Nikols house.

We have no star of the week this week, instead we have a Christian distinctive award for generosity, which we have chosen  Tyler. Well done to you.


Next week is nursery rhyme week  and even though we sing rhymes dally we will be looking at different rhymes throughout the week.

Your children are amazing, and thank you for sharing them with us.


The nursery team.


Hello everybody, we are very pleased to be back at Nursery and hope you had a restful half term.

Firstly we welcome Fletcher to our nursery, he has settled in well and is enjoying nursery so far. We have been having lots of fun as normal.

We started the week by looking at some autumn leaves and the children liked to  explore them in different ways either by a picture or by using the magnifying glasses to look at them.  We explored the autumn leaves whilst going to the forest, and had a nice treat in there as well. Lots of communication took place about  the environment. We did some number games and some physical games on the field.

b .

The children have been learning again to put their own  wellies and coats, and are getting  very able at this which   you can encourage at home as well, independence is very important  at this age and every opportunity is a learning one.

We must say Thankyou  to the new school caretaker for giving nursery some tubes, the children have   been using them as ramps for cars.

The children had fun finding different ways to use them. This gave the children lots of new learning experiences, and we talked about  long and short, fast and slow, and lots more language. The children always have fun outside and this just added to their learning.

We have talked about  the festival of light, Diwali and the children enjoyed using clay to make diva lamps .  We used lots of glitter and had lots of fun. We have also started using Fred the phonics frog to help sound words out.

The nursery children are always learning, and we have been talking about the safety of fireworks and if any of you see any as a family can you send us the    photos so we can share them together.

Nursery star of the week this week is Siyana whom has settled in really well and is learning the  nursery rules. Well done Siyana!

Henry and Henrietta have been to Artur’s house for a few days and will be going home with Jack for the weekend. We are sure he will have a lovely time.

Nursery Term Newsletter will be on class dojo this afternoon. Make sure you take a look so you know what will be learning this term.


Thanks for the support and your children are delightful and always amazing us.

The Nursery Team

Nursery end of term party

Hi everybody we had a lovely end of term party in nursery.

Here are some photograph’s to show the good times we had.  Thanks to all parents and carers for your continued support.

Your children are delightful.  .Have a wonderful half term and see you all refreshed yn the 1st November.


The Nursery team.


We are nearly at the end of another busy week in nursery. Where do we start?

We continued the children’s interest in dinosaurs by bringing an egg which hadn’t hatched yet. We showed the children an egg and had to leave in water. The children all had a guess what could be inside , some said  “a snake”, “a dinosaur” and someone said ” a unicorn”.  it actually was a unicorn as we couldn’t find a dinosaur egg n time. The children had great fun watching  it.


We had a very fun time exploring some slime that Eva’s daddy brought in for the children. The children placed  dinosaurs  inside the slime and had a lovely slimy time.  

The picture’s below show what a good time they had exploring the new material of slime.

It was rather messy but thoroughly enjoyable. Slime wasn’t the only material we used this week. We watched a video abut dinosaurs and  fossils, so we had a go at making our own with clay. We used good rolling skills to roll the clay then placed a dinosaur inside to make the print. When these are dry we will bring them home.

We have enjoyed water play outside and have used brushes to paint the floors and the house.

We even managed to do some baking this week, we made dinosaur biscuits. Lots of learning experiences have taken place this week.


We mixed and stirred the ingredient’s and took turns and worked together tu make the delicious biscuit’s.

Nursery is about learning through play and this week lots of learning has taken place. The children are  continually learning their social skills . Here are some more picture’s of  the busy week.

A big thanks to Liberty for returning Henry and Henrietta. Thys week they have gone to Graham’s house for adventures.

A Big well done to Daniel. He is Nursery Star of the week this week for adapting to full days and always trying hard. All the children are Nursery Stars. Well done everyone for everything this week. You are all amazing.


Here are some photos from the last few weeks of club.

Thankyou for using the club provision.  We are here to help before and after school. The children have been exploring the gardens, being creative with the paint and lots of other activities.

Hello everybody  its that time  of the   week again, to show all the nice things nursery have been doing .  We have been looking at dinosaurs and found some dinosaur feet along the floor. We looked at a big dinosaur head and saw the big teeth, which led to us talking about our own teeth, and having a special visit from a dentist.


The children got to wear a special light on their heads and had a go at brushing some teeth as well. We will be continuing looking and talking about healthy teeth next week. The children have enjoyed dinosaur stories, dinosaur songs and we even had a remote control dinosaur  which we were learning how to operate.  We also had some dinosaur bones which we buried in the sand and had great fun digging them out. We are very clever learning all these new skills.

Some of us dressed with dinosaur tails, and we enjoyed doing some mark making with pens to some dinosaur music. We liked looking at special dinosaur books and some of us told the children all the special names of them.

The dinosaurs (and the children) were very hungry so Mrs Kenning decided that could have some carrots and potatoes. The children enjoyed using knives to chop the vegetables. Then helped Mrs Kenning put it in a pan to boil. When they were cooked the dinosaurs wanted to eat them and we tried them too.

The dinosaurs are still lurking in nursery and next week will be coming for more fun and adventures with the nursery children. We may make the dinosaur something exciting.

We would like to thank Winter-Iris and family for having a lovely time with Henry and Henrietta and brining them back safely. They certainly had some wonderful adventures. This week they are going home with Liberty. I’m sure they will have lots more adventures.

This week we also had our first star of the week where parents were invited in to the hall for the celebration assembly. We chose Eva this week for her consistent hard work and always trying. She has also shown a great interest in stories and likes to share these with us and at home. Well done Eva. I know your mummy and daddy were very proud as are we.

However all of your children are stars to us and we would choose them all every week if we could, but don’t worry every child will have a turn at being nursery star of the week and you will be invited in to watch them get their certificate.  We must say that Roman had star of the week last time but parents were not in at this point so we will repeat again to make it fair at some point.

Thankyou to you all for your continued support and all your children are delightful.

The Nursery Team


Club provision

Hi everyone, hope you all had a lovely weekend. We wanted to share some photos with you from the end of the week in club. The children were using the iPad themselves to take some photos so were learning about technology and ICT. The children also made their own pizzas, well a HT style pizza. The children loved it and are loving the club provision. Keep looking for photos added throughout the weeks. We want to show off what we offer and will try our best to keep you updated. Thankyou.

Thankyou. Please book through parent pay if you want to make use of our club provision.

Hello everybody,

What another busy week we have had in nursery. This week we have been doing lots of of wonderful experiences based on The Gruffalo as some of the children were showing great interest in this. We have been for a walk to the forest and found some Gruffalo numbers. We also found some Gruffalo biscuits which we quickly ate before he came back looking for them. We did take lots more photos of the forest but sadly they wont all upload on here so some will also be posted on dojo for you to have a look.

We collected apples and pears from one of school’s trees and made a gruffallo crumble .It was yummy. We helped to chop the apples and pears and helped to mix in the flour and the sugar. We had to watch the teachers put it in the oven as we talked about the oven being too hot and we mustn’t touch it.


The next day, we  told the children we would be making Scrambled snake from the story, they quickly guessed it would be scrambled egg. The children helped Miss Hill to mix the egg and the dairy free butter into the bowl. We talked about how the mixture would turn into scrambled eggs, and the children knew we had to cook it. We put it in the microwave and watched it turn into scrambled egg. This was delicious and we enjoyed it very much.


We have enjoyed re telling the gruffalo story with puppets and doing some gruffalo colouring.


The children are fantastic and constantly learning, each opportunity is a learning experience. The children have enjoyed lots of other activities through their exploration. Here are some more wonderful photos.

We welcomed Jack into our nursery this week and he has already settled brilliantly. The children are developing each and every day and you can help at home by encouraging independence as much as possible. You could ask your child to put on their own coat, or their own shoes, or you could let them help prepare for mealtimes. The children are very independent and inquisitive learners and will keep growing in confidence with every opportunity given.



We say it every week but your children are wonderful. We look forward to next weeks adventures. Also, this week we have been inspired by Eva in nursery who wasn’t feeling very well so took Lenny dog home. Her mummy and daddy brought in a wonderful pic collage of her adventures. Thankyou for sharing these with us.

So we have introduced Henry and Henrietta hippo  who we will be sending home every week with one of the children in a special bag. Please share the book inside with your child and if you could take some photos that would be great. This week Henry and Henrietta will be visiting Winter-Iris house. We hope they have a lovely time.