Dementia Awareness Week

This week we will be taking part in Dementia  Awareness Week

We are well on our way to becoming a ‘Dementai Friendly School’ and the journey so far has been both inspirational and informative.

This week is our Dementia Awareness Week at Holy Trinity and we have several things happening.

  1. We will be selling badges in school for £1, the badge is of a forget -me-not and all money raised will go to Alzheimer’s Society:

A forget-me-not is a small blue flower that represents remembrance.

People with dementia may experience memory loss, among other symptoms. This makes the forget-me-not the perfect flower.

If you would like a badge please speak to your class teacher.

2. We have the official opening of our ‘Garden of Hope’ where we have a special section dedicated to Dementia with a selection of blue flowers and forget-me-nots. We have invited residents from New Fairholme Nursing Home and local companies who have kindly donated to help us officially open the garden. Once opened, we will be inviting parents and carers to visit – Date to be confirmed for parents and carers.

3.  Across the school we will be making homemade blue flower bouquets to take to New Fairholme Nursing Home for the residents to keep. These flowers not only represent Dementia but the growing bond the children have.

Thank you for your continued support and if you have any questions about Dementia or this wonderful charity we are supporting – please visit their website: