Earl’s Hill Swans Home Learning 30th March

Hello Earl’s Hill. I hope that you are all well and get to enjoy some of the lovely weather today.

I would like you to join in with Mrs Thompstone’s virtual Phonics session, focusing on Set 1 sounds. You can find this by visiting our Reading section of the school website. You may like to listen to a story in our virtual library whilst you are there.

I hope that you enjoyed sharing the story ‘How to Heal a Broken Wing’ yesterday.

There is a Powerpoint of the story on our class page from yesterday if you would like to take another look.

Today I would like you to sequence ( put in order) the main parts of the story. You could draw a picture for each of the important parts of the story and lay them out in order.

These illustrations from the story might help you:

Now try to write a sentence to match each picture. Sound out the words carefully (use ‘Fred Fingers’ to help).


Try these questions. You may want to use some objects from home to help:


Watch this video all about birds:


Could you show the life cycle of a bird? You could use drawings, words or find objects to make it.

This poster may help you: