Earls Hill Cygnets Home Learning Wednesday 31st March.


Good morning Earls Hill Cygnets!

I hope you enjoyed the sunshine yesterday.

To start the day I would like you to take part in a Phonics session with Mrs Thompstone. You can find these sessions on our website under the Learning/Reading tab but here is a quick link:


To start your maths today I would like you to join in with this counting song:


For today’s activity you will need:

  • a piece of paper
  • an orange coloured pen or pencil
  • Some green paint or a green pen or pencil
  • a cotton bud, lolly stick or paintbrush

Now I would like you to draw a carrot on the paper. Ask your grown up to write a number on the carrot. Do you know what the number is? Now, using the green paint, I would like you to paint that number of tops sticking up from the carrot. Grown ups: Choose any number which is appropriate for your child. You could try choosing two numbers for them to add together.

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I would like you to draw at least 4 more carrots and do this for each one. 



Today Clee Class are going to be making Easter cards in school. It would be lovely if you can make one at home too. The cards we are making are like the ones in the picture:

Pin on Activities

You can make one like this or you can design one yourself using the materials you have at home.

When you’ve designed and made your card remember to write inside who you are sending it to and that it is from you.


I would like you to read your reading book or a Bug Club book with your grown up.


Have a lovely day everyone!