Earls Hill Cygnets Home Learning Tuesday 30th March.


Good morning Earls Hill Cygnets!

To start the day I would like you to take part in a Phonics session with Mrs Thompstone. You can find these sessions on our website under the Learning/Reading tab but here is a quick link:

Expressive Art and Design – Music

As the weather is going to be sunny today I would like you to go outside and find some natural materials or items in and around your house to use for making music.

For example you could find some sticks to tap together or scrape across each other

Make Your Own Bilma – Australian Clapsticks! | Making musical instruments,  Nature play, Natural materials

Or some saucepans or tins to bang

Classic Beating on Pots & Pans

Or make a shaker using a plastic bottle or tub with stones, rice or pasta inside

Homemade Activity for Toddler-Shaker Toys | Diy preschool toys, Toddler  activities, Diy toddler toys

7 Kids' crafts ideas | crafts for kids, crafts, activities for kids

When you have made your musical instruments try them out one by one. Do they sound the same? Or different? Choose some songs to sing while you play your instruments.




To start your maths today I would like you to join in with this counting song:


For today’s activity you will need:

  • A toy chicken or bird
  • Something that you can use as worms (cooked spaghetti, wool, string etc)
  • A dice (or two if you would like a challenge)

Now I would like you to roll the dice and feed the hen that number of worms. If you find that really easy then I would like you to roll the dice and your grown up can ask you what is 1 more or 1 less than that number; now you need to feed the hen that number of worms. If that is still too easy for you I would like you to roll 2 dice and add the numbers together. Can you feed the hen that number of worms?

Digging for Worms Sensory Play | Learning 4 Kids



To finish off today’s learning here is the Easter story for you to watch:


When you have watched the story it would be lovely if you can make or draw and Easter garden.

Here are some ideas:

Early Learning Resources Miniature Easter Garden Activity - Free Early Years  and Primary Teaching Resources (EYFS and KS1)Easter Garden to make | Let their light shine!

Ideas | How to Make a Fairy Garden


Have a good day everyone!