What a great time Year 6 have had in our last couple of days!




Well – what a great end of the term we have had.

Yesterday the children all signed each others shirts and got their new Leaver’s Hoodies. A little bit too warm to enjoy them fully, but I’m sure they will get worn through the holiday and be kept and enjoyed.

The School provided us with a beautiful buffet sorted out by Rachel (our cook) and Larna’s mum. And Ethan’s mum kindly gave us all a very welcomed slushy! Thank you  

Today – we had the best day ever. It was so lovely to see the children have fun in the water, whilst learning some great skills and getting very wet indeed.

There are also a few videos on top of the post from our day, where a lot of teacher’s were getting very wet and Mr Kenyon was getting very paddle happy! – enjoy! I will try and up load more tomorrow as well as send you the final scene of our production.

Whole School Collective Worship – Justice and Humility

The whole school collective worship is brought to you by Mr. Kenyon.

This week we will be focusing on Justice.

Collective Worship Mr Kenyon

Have a look at the hall of fame below to learn more about images and statues linked to Justice  (click link to enlarge):

If you are interested in ‘Lady Jusitce’ , please take time to look at ‘Verity’ created by Damien Hirst which is placed on the docks at Ilfracombe, Devon.

A 66 foot stainless steel and bronze sculpture named Verity, created by world famous artist Damien Hirst, stands on the pier at the entrance to the harbour looking out over the Bristol Channel towards South Wales. It has been loaned to the town for 20 years. The name of the piece refers to “truth” and Hirst describes his work as a “modern allegory of truth and justice”.



The bible story we will refer to this week is Jonah and the whale:


Justice could mean giving wrong doers the punishment they deserve i.e… the punishment fitting the crime- just desserts, an eye for an eye, etc. However, it could also mean giving all people- particularly the poor and oppressed – what is right and fair for them to have i.e… life, health, freedom, and dignity- this is social justice.

We have used many different bible stories to emphasize this: Jonah and the Whale is one.


Please join us for one of our daily prayers (click to enlarge):

Whole School collective Worship – Justice and Humility

To week’s collective worship is brought to you by Mrs Meddins.

Justice PowerPoint Mrs Meddins – final

God’s Story: Sermon on the Mount

Jusitice –

Jesus calls his followers to see justice, not as a way of getting revenge and paying people back; instead, he calls them to forgive their enemies, go the extra mile and not judge other people.

Song to be played from collective worship.

Let us pray (click to enlarge):

Values champions 🎉🎊Faith and Belief

Last half term, as a whole school we focused on the Christian Values ‘Faith and Belief’. At the end of each half term, a child from every class is selected to be our values champion, this is because they displayed faith and belief throughout the half term.

Well done all to all the children who were awarded the values champion certificate and cross badge. Here are a few champions:

This half term we are focusing on ‘Justice and Humility’.


Transition picnic

Thank you to all the parents, carers  and children who joined us today for our transition picnic today. It was so lovely to see everyone getting to know each other and enjoying the lovely weather. There will be another opportunity to visit school and find out more about the September start and ask any questions you may have. This next meeting will be held in the 24th June. Thank you all again!

Whole school collective worship – Justice and Humility

As we start a new half term, our Christian values also change. We will be focusing on  Justice and Humility.

Over the next 6 weeks, we will aim the collective worships around the two values with links to bible stories.

Collective worship this week is from Mr Hughes,  where he will focuses on the word ‘Humility’. (click images to enlarge)


Please click on the power point below.

Justice and Humility collective worship

Within the worship, we focus on the bible story:

John 13: 1-17Jesus washes his disciple’s feet

We also look at

The Prideful Ant  – A Story about Pride and Humility

 Philippians 2:3-4, Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourselves; do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others.

Please join us with a prayer focusing on humility: