Hello all,

We have had yet another busy week in nursery. We have been continuing to look at our set text The Sea Saw and have now discovered how the little girl loses her teddy at the beach and have been talking about how she may feel. We have made puppets from the story to reenact using a puppet theatre, which became lots of different things as the children used their imagination.

A great big well done to the children for taking part in our Ugly Bug Ball sports day, it was amazing to see so many of you come and support the children and join in aswell. The children did brilliantly and even those that didn’t attend have been fantastic in practicing for it. So well done nursery and thankyou parents and carers.

Exciting news is that we have had some butterflies arrive and have already released some into the garden. The children were so excited as were we.

We have been doing lots of learning and exploring as always and we hope you enjoy the selection of photos below.

Thankyou everyone.

The Nursery Team

Hello everybody

We have read some of our story this week “The Sea Saw” and have got to the part where there is a storm and the little girls teddy falls out of her bag. Based on this we have done lots of activities, we have made a bus and made some tickets and decided where we were going to go. We have used instruments to make the sound of the storm and the calmness again.

The children were asked to copy a sound and they tried very hard to match the exact sound that was made.

We have been busy practicing for our “ugly bug ball” sports day which we hope you can all make next week. We have been making bug headbands for the day aswell as fathers day which we have been discussing about who is special to us.

We have been looking at emotion cards and worked together to see if we could say how the people were feeling and then talk about when we might feel that way. The children are getting more and more confident in talking to the adults and their friends.

We have enjoyed different coloured water outside and using ribbons to weave through the railings as well as lots more learning and exploring fun.

Here are some photos from the week

Next week we have our bug themed sports day!

Thankyou for your continued support as always

The Nursery Team

Hello everyone, it’s been another busy week in nursery. We have enjoyed looking and talking about how the caterpillars have changed. We have also transferred them into a net to wait for them to turn into butterflies.

our story this term is called The Sea Saw by Tom Percival about a little girl who loses her special teddy on a journey.

Thankyou for sending in photos of the children with their special items, they have enjoyed talking about them to each other and the adults. There is still time to send in if you haven’t already done so.

We have been doing lots of learning and exploring being doctors, making a donut shop and still bug hunting outside. We have learnt some new sounds in phonics and are getting very good at remembering them.
we have talked about teddy bears picnics if we have ever had a picnic and shared what foods we could take.


The next few weeks will be very busy with different things happening in school, the children due to go to reception will have transition days soon and we will be having our nursery sports day.

Thanks for your continued support.


Hello everybody,

We have had a very busy week in nursery as always. We have had some visitors in the form of caterpillars, we will watch them grow and develop  and learn about the process of them turning into butterflies.

We have had lots of fun in a flower shop role play area, we have had lots of sensory and messy play and we’ve had a busy craft stay and play session which was very successful and so many parents, grandparents and families turned up so a great big thankyou  for coming and supporting the children. We love having you in to see where the play and learning takes place for your children.

Here are some photos of the week …



Hello everybody,

Its that time of the week again. We have continued looking at the children’s interests of minibeasts this week alongside dinosaurs. We read a book called Sam’s Sandwich where a little boy puts different minibeasts in his sisters sandwich. The children loved it!

We have talked about what our favourite sandwich fillings are and even made real sandwiches too. We have continued exploring the garden for bugs and have found some spiders, ants, slugs and many more. The children’s interest in minibeasts at the moment is ongoing and we are continuing to investigate and explore this with a variety of activities. We have enjoyed sensory play with a variety of new fruits such as passionfruit, avocado and melon we were looking what was inside each one and how they were different to each other. The children used language such as “hard”, “soft” “squishy”.

We have also decorated bird boxes for the schools garden of hope, they are very colourful and look like rainbow ones. The children enjoyed doing this.

We have also had our usual PE session with Neil and Paris, but we went on the big field instead and they were amazed at what good listening the nursery children did. What superstars they are!


Here as usual are a selection of photos from our busy fun week in nursery.


Hello everybody

We have had another full on busy week in nursery. We have bee continuing our interest in minibeasts by exploring outside and doing some activities related to these, we have also been continuing looking at dinosaurs as part of our set text. We have enjoyed being dinosaurs and copying the movements tp the action song “dinosaur stomp” , we used our hands feet and faces to be dinosaurs.

We have used the parachute to explore our gross motor skills and played some games with the ball and the parachute together.

We have been exploring different ways of mark making using foil, marker pens and water and brushes outside. WE have also had the drive along cars outside to see our physical skills and we loved them.


Here are some photos from our week

Thankyou for letting us share some lovely moments with your children. They are very entertaining and we always look forward to hearing their stories. See you next week!


The nursery team.

Hello everybody, its that time of the week again where you get to see some of the wonderful activities your children have been doing in nursery. We have had a busy week and the children have become bug explorers they have particularly enjoyed finding bugs in the garden and have been using magnifying glasses, pots to collect their bugs and some children even had a checklist to see what bugs they had found.

We have explored lots of sensory materials as always to increase our imaginative play, both inside and outside. The children love to make soup, and pies in the outdoor kitchen area.

We have explored  a sensory bag where we had to use our hands to describe what object we were feeling. Weve even had parachute games. We have pretended to be dinosaurs and using different movements to do so using our hands and feet and our faces to show different feelings of the dinosaurs also.

We have had lots of language and independence skills displayed this week too.

See you Tuesday

The Nursery Team

Hello everybody

We have certainly had an interesting week this week, what with having an unexpected day off, a big thankyou to those that sent photos of what the children were doing at home or at the park. These are a great talking point for the children and give us an idea of what they like to engage in outside of nursery.

We have been busy looking at dinosaurs still using lots of sensory materials to explore them. We have been talking about feelings of ourselves and how the dinosaurs may feel and some children made a dinosaur with different emotion faces.

The children are learning great skills in PE with Neil and Paris including waiting, sharing, working together and lots of physical skills. They are super proud of the nursery children and say how well they are doing. They have even said how good at listening they are. Well done Nursery!

We have had lots of singing, messy play, lots of mud pies and brownies being made in the outdoor kitchen, we have some chefs in the making!

As always here is a selection of photos from the week.

Thanks for your continued support

The Nursery team

Hello everyone, we have had yet another busy fun filled week in nursery. We have continued looking at our set text “Gigantosaurus” in which there are four baby dinosaurs and there mummy dinosaur is telling them to beware of the Gigantosaurus. We have explored musical instruments to make different dinosaur sounds, we have explored a dinosaur tuft tray and green swampy water. Alongside this we have been following the interests of the children by using different sensory materials and cake cases and pans to make some pretend cakes. This opened up lots of language opportunities and we talked about empty and full, big and small and the children were making some delicious things by using their imaginations.

We have also been showing great independence skills by buttering our own toast at snack, pouring our own drinks and putting on our own coats. Has your child shown you the nursery way to put on their coat?

The children have started going back to the hall this week for lunch aswell in order to prepare the children for reception, they have been absolute superstars and did really well.

Here are some lovely pictures of our fun activities.

What fun we have had!. More photos will follow on Monday to show the fun and learning from today

Thanks for your continued support

The Nursery Team