Nursery Home Learning – Week Beginning 22nd February. Joseph and his Amazing technicolour Dreamcoat.


This week we will be learning about the story of Joseph and his colourful coat. This is a well know story that is found in the Bible. You can find the story in the Book of Genesis, chapter 37.

Here is a simple version of the story for your child to enjoy.

Here is another version of the story told by children.

Communication Language and Literacy

Ask your child to draw a sad face and a happy face on a piece of paper, or you could do this for them. Discuss them. Retell the story. Stop at different points and ask your child to say how Joseph, Jacob, the brothers are feeling. Which face shows this feeling?



Joseph was Jacob’s favourite son. Does your child think this is fair? Do they have a favourite toy?

Cut out an make the stick puppets from the resource pack. (stick them onto straws, pencils, lolly sticks) Retell the story with your child using the puppets

The brothers were jealous of Joseph, because Jacob said he was special. But we are all special. Talk with your child about what makes them special. Explain to your child that they are so special they have their own name. Ask your child to practise writing their name.  Can they use lots of different colours?



Expressive Art and Design

Joseph came from a large family. He had 11 brothers! How many people are in your family? Ask your child to draw or paint a family portrait.

Perhaps you could cut and fold a piece of paper to make a house shape and your child could draw or paint the family portrait inside the house.

Draw a simple coat outline for your child. Use coloured paper or recycled paper and packaging cut up into small pieces and glue them onto the coat to design and make a multicoloured coat.


Here is the song about Joseph’s multicoloured coat from the musical ‘Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat’

Josephs coat was multi-coloured. It had lots of different colours. What colourful clothes does your child have? Challenge them to dress up in as many different colours as they can! I’d love to see a photo of them on Dojo.

There were lots of different dreams in the story. Talk about dreams with your child. What do they dream about? Make a dream jar with your child.

Use objects from around your house to create a large colourful coat collage.




Here are some songs about colours to join in with. 


Here is another famous song from the musical Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat.

Use crayons, pens or paint to colour in the sheets from your resources pack.

Mathematical Development

Follow this link to learn about shapes and colours with the Twirlywoos.


Joseph was sold for over 20 silver coins. Explore coins with your child. Let them sort the coins. Will they sort them according so size? Shape? Colour?

Can they recognise any numbers on the coins?

This game asks children to pay with 1p coins to a total of 10p. Select the one coin option, and then the option that says 1p (up to 10p) They will need your support.

Jacob had 12 sons. Practise counting to 12 with your child. Give your child 12 items and ask them to count them. Can they clap, jump, pat their tummy 12 times?

Here are 5 Numberblocks episodes. Please start with the first one and allow your child to watch one a day. They follow on, so please watch them in order.

Use building blocks to create repeating colour patterns. There is a resource in your pack to help with this.

Complete the stripy colour scarf pattern sheet from your resource pack.

Follow this link to play a colour match game


Physical Development

Joseph was sent away to a different country – it was a very LONG journey. He probably had to climb mountains, cross rivers, and go around obstacles. Set up an obstacle course for your child, and ask them to climb over, under and through, pretending they are on a journey like Joseph.

Here is a rainbow action song from Boogie Beebies on Cbeebies to join in with.

Play a colour game with your child. Spread different coloured pieces of paper on the floor (or an object/item of clothing if each colour on the floor) Ask your child to stand in the middle of the room. Then say a colour. Your child has to run to the correct colour as quickly as they can.

When you go out for your daily exercise, hunt for natural objects that are different colours.

Debbie Doo dances with rainbow ribbons in this song. Find some coloured ribbons, socks, scarves or strips of paper for your child to join in with.

Understanding the World

Joseph went to check on his bothers and take them some food. At the end of the story they go to HIM for food!! Talk to your child about where food comes from. These slides might help.

Auntie Mabel learns about where different foods come from in these programmes.

Can your child help you to prepare some colourful food? Perhaps a rainbow fruit salad or fruit kebab, a lovely colourful bowl of salad or a plate of delicious vegetables. The more colourful, the better!

Image result for fruit salad

Image result for fruit kebab

Image result for salad

Image result for vegetables on a [plate

Remind your child that Joseph’s coat was very colourful. Here are some online colour activities to explore.

Follow this link to play a game and learn about colours with Bing from CBeebies.

This is another game where your child can sort colours.

Here are some online colour jigsaws.

Find a selection of coloured objects – can your child sort them according to colour?

Ask your child to go on a colour hunt. Can they bring you something blue? red? green? etc.

Whole school music challenge – ‘Any Dream Will Do’!


We are setting you a singing challenge to complete over half term and including the first week back in school. We will be studying the Bible story ‘Joseph and the coat of many colours’ when returning to school. Your challenge is to watch and listen to the powerpoint below (made by Miss Younger) and learn a song from the musical of Joseph called ‘Any dream will do’. Once you have learnt the song, can you record yourself singing and together, as a whole school, we will collate the videos and make our own version of the song.

You can find the song and lyrics attached to the post, or on You Tube:

The moral of the story is forgiveness, one of our school’s Christian Values and therefore the story has an important part in our school’s ethos and well-being of the children.

Colossians 3:13,

“Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.”


Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is a musical comedy with lyrics by Tim Rice and music by Andrew Lloyd Webber. The story is based on the “coat of many colours” story of Joseph from the Bible’s Book of Genesis and was produced in 1999.


Please see the PowerPoint below created by Miss Younger and complete the following tasks:

  • Learn the song
  • Record yourself singing
  • Please send any videos in to by 2nd March 2021, which then gives us time to edit and create the final video.

Whole school song – Joseph powerpoint

Any dream will do – song lyrics

Thank you for all your continued support with home learning at these difficult times that we are faced with.


Matthew 5:16

 ‘In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven’.

Mental Health and Fitness Week – Express Yourself through singing

Hello everyone,

Are you ready for a challenge?

singing out loud for wellbeing

It is well known that singing out loud releases feel-good hormones called endorphins that make you feel happy and positive. There is also a tiny part of your inner ear, called the sacculus, that releases even more happy hormones when it’s stimulated by music. 

So Holy Trinity children and families turn up the volume and sing your hearts out!

I am challenging you to learn and sing out loud to one or both of these songs:

This first song is for the children in Nursery, Reception and KS1: It is called
‘It’s not just a pile of old bricks’
Image result for its not just a pile of old bricks
This song is for the children in KS2: It is called

‘This is Me’ from The Greatest Showman film

Image result for this is me
I would love it if you could record yourselves singing and dancing to the songs. 
When you are happy with the video send it to me at and I will create one big video to share with you all.
This will be a great opportunity for you to express yourself through music, sing the songs and also for you to see your friends expressing themselves too.
You can film your video alone or with your brothers and sisters – anyway will be perfect! Be as creative with your filming as you can too.
I would love to see your videos by 15th February.
Have a great week!
Mrs Meddins

Nursery – Week Beginning 8th February 2021. Nursery Rhyme Week


The school are having a well – being week this week. The idea is that learning will be a bit more creative or practical, with less emphasis on screen time.

This week, rather than having one story as our focus, I have planned activities that link to five well known nursery rhymes.

It is completely up to you what order you cover the work. I’m sure you will have plenty of fantastic ideas of activities that will link to the rhymes too.

It would be great if you could encourage your child to practise writing their name each day.

Incy Wincy Spider.

Here is the rhyme with Makaton signing for your child to join in with.

Mathematical Development

Draw a spider for your child and help them to count the legs. Draw some circles and ask your child to draw on the spiders legs. Can they count how many legs they have drawn? Can you tell them how many to draw and help them to count and draw the right number?  If you have pegs you could cut a cardboard circle out and ask your child to put on peg legs. Can they count the legs? This is a great activity for developing your child’s fine motor skills and counting!

Understanding the World

Can you go on a spiderweb hunt? Look on fences, trees etc for the webs. Are there any spiders? Have any other insects got caught in the webs? Why? Discuss this with your child. Perhaps your child could take a photo of any webs they find?

Communication Language and Literacy/Physical Development

Encourage your child to create ‘s’ for spider patterns. They could use water and paintbrushes on the floor outside or on a fence. Perhaps they could use gloop, (video with instructions below). Perhaps you could squirt some shaving foam into a washing up bowl for them to use, or sprinkle some flour/glitter onto a plate. Or even provide your child with a selection of crayons/pen/pencils and ask them to write ‘s’ for spider on paper.



Baa Baa Black Sheep

 Here is the rhyme, again with signing.

Expressive Art and Design.

Can you make some fluffy sheep using cotton wool or perhaps you could use scrunched up tissue paper?


Mathematical Development

Draw three bags onto a piece of paper and count them. Collect a selection of small items (coins, buttons, hair clips, Lego blocks, small toy animals/cars, dry pasta pieces and so on). Ask your child to count out 3 of an item, for example “Count out 3 cubes”. Can they put one in each bag?



Humpty Dumpty


Expressive Art and Design

Hard boil some eggs, let them cool and ask your child to decorate them. They can use paints or felt pens will also work.

Understanding the World/Communication, Language and Literacy.

Make boiled eggs and toast soldiers with your child. Ask your child to follow instructions to fill the saucepan with cold water, or spread butter onto the toast.

  •  eggs
  • bread
  • butter or margarine spread


  1. Cook the eggs in boiling water for 3-5 minutes.
  2. Toast the slices of bread then spread with butter or spread.
  3. Cut the toast into soldiers and serve with the boiled eggs.

Mathematical Development

Use an empty egg box. Count the sections with your child . Ask your child to count and put one block/raisin/button etc into each section. How many have they used?  Or perhaps you could colour each section and ask your child to put matching colour objects in?



Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Communication, Language and Literacy

Make a dark tent using blankets with your child. Ask your child to choose their favourite story and read it in the dark tent using a torch, or the torch light on your phone.

If you have some sparkly glitter, sprinkle this onto a tray or plate and ask your child to mark make in this using their finger. Can they write their name in the glitter?

Here is a lovely story about a star.


Mathematical Development

Draw some stars for your child to count (up to 5 or 10 depending on the ability of your child). Can they find the matching number card from their resource pack?

Expressive Art and Design

Collect colourful or shiny packaging over the week and cut it up into small pieces. Cut out a cardboard star (from a cereal box is ideal) Ask your child to glue the pieces onto the star. They could decorate both sides and it could be hung using string.



Row Row Row Your Boat

Here is the rhyme with Makaton signing to join in with.

Physical Development

Sit opposite your child on the floor, both of you with your legs crossed. Join hands and rock backwards and forwards as if you are on a boat whilst you sing the song

Understanding the World.

Explore things that float and sink with your child. This can be done in the bath or in a washing up bowl of water. Collect a selection of items that will not spoil if they get wet. Ask your child to carefully place an item in the water. What happens? Explain to your child that if it stays on the water it is floating. If it goes to the bottom of the bath or bowl of water it is sinking. Can they explore and sort the items – which ones float and which ones sink?

Expressive Art and Design.

If you have a large box or a laundry basket, allow your child to use this as their boat. Can they sit in the boat? Where will they go to? Encourage them to role play being on a boat.


Here is Nursery favourite Mr Tumble with lots more rhymes for you to join in with.

Feelgood Fifteen with Sing Up

Hello everyone!

Do you fancy a little bit of singing to start your day? Singing is great way to help you feel good. Every Tuesday morning at 9am, Sing Up will bring you their #Feelgood Fifteen singing session on their website or Youtube chanel. Give it a go, see how it makes you feel!