Thursday, 1st April Home Learning

Good morning Lawley!

I hope you are all well.  I’m sorry the end of term has ended in this way but with our isolation period, we can stay safe and well.

Here are some activities for you to complete today.  I will also be posting some activities later today for you to have a look at over the holiday period.

We will have a zoom meeting at 1.30pm today, please do try to join.  Here is the link:

Lovely Lawley is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Lovely Lawley’s Zoom Meeting
Time: Apr 1, 2021 01:30 PM London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 943 8550 1066
Passcode: hello


Please join in with at least one of my phonics videos on our virtual phonics.  In Lawley we are concentrating on set 3 sounds, yesterday we recapped the sound a-e.  Here  is the link:

Virtual Phonics | Holy Trinity CE Primary Academy and Nursery (


Today I would like you to complete activities on Numbots, Mathletics and TT Rockstars.  This week in class we have used Numbots daily and everyone is becoming very confident and using their maths skills.  If you have any problems logging on, please do let me know.  Remember, your details are in the front of your reading diary.

Now, complete the activities below, the first being to complete the addition problems in order to colour in the correct squares to reveal an Easter picture.  The second is an Easter themed missing numbers activity.

Easter addition

Easter missing numbers


I would like you to start by listing adjectives to describe the picture called The Magical Eggs.  Once you have completed this, please put your adjectives into sentences.

Today, I would like you to create an acrostic poem.  An acrostic poem is when we use a certain word, and each letter of the word starts a new line.  We created acrostic poems during our Remembrance Week in school.  Take a look at my WAGOLL below:

Easter Acrostic Poem

Be creative, use your own template and you do not have to use the word Easter, but it must link to Easter.  Try to include part of our Holy Week learning.   Here is a quick recap of the Holy Week to help you.

Holy week

Here is the final video for Holy Week.  We were able to watch the others in class.  Our final video is about Easter Sunday.

Finally, here is an Easter Word search to complete.

Stay safe Lawley, enjoy your Easter break and take care.

Mrs Thompstone and Mrs Morgan.



Friday 5th March Lawley Home Learning

Good morning everyone. I hope that you enjoyed all of the World Book day activities yesterday. Today we are continuing with the theme of authors and you are going to complete an author fact sheet. A ‘2do’ has been set on Purple Mash for you to complete a profile about the author Michael Rosen or Julia Donaldson.

If you choose you can complete a fact sheet about your chosen author, don’t forget to send a picture on Class Dojo.

This video may help you:

Don’t forget to log onto Bug Club and complete the reading activities.

I would like you to log onto TT Rockstars or Numbots today to practise your Maths skills and you may like to log onto Mathletics.


We are  looking forward to seeing you all back in school next week!

Hello everyone and welcome to our The Day the Crayons Quit Art lesson.

The Day the Crayons Quit | Teaching Resources

For this session we are going to create our own crayon and choose a colour for it.

There are lots of different shades of one colour. We might say green can be light or dark. Or use a completely different name for it.

I’d like you to think carefully about colours that might not be in the book themselves.

You could choose Light Blue Crayon or Dark Red Crayon or even a colour like Turqouise Crayon or Beige Crayon.

Below is a list of colours with their names that you can use! Printed Color Chart image 0

You’ll have to create or draw your crayon and say why they are quitting!

You could even create a multi-coloured crayon!

Below are some ideas.

Here is a crayon template for your own crayon



World Book Day Home Learning

It is World Book Day! We are all very excited about World Book Day and hope you enjoy all the story related activities we have planned for you. We would love to see photographs of your World Book Day.

Today is all about celebrating and sharing different books stories and authors. There are lots of different story sessions on Zoom today so you can chose which story time you would like to join.

Our whole school text is ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’


Watch the video below:




Finally, don’t forget to send us your video telling us all about your favourite book!


Lawley Home Learning March 3rd

Good morning everyone! I hope that you have been enjoying our home learning lessons and activities so far this week.

Remember that tomorrow is World Book day and we will be posting lots of fun ‘story’ related activities for you to enjoy and also planning lots of Zoom Story Time sessions throughout the day. I can’t wait to see all of your character costumes! Remember to bring your favourite story along to your class Zoom so that we can do a ‘Book Wave’ and share our favourite books with each other.

Make sure that you are logging on to Bug Club each day to access your reading books and activities.

Are you enjoying  your Phonics sessions with me? I would love to hear from you.

If you have any suggestions for stories you would like included in our Virtual Library, send a message on Dojo and we will see what we can do.


Today we are going to use our story mountain plan to write a simple ‘Lost and Found’ story. You could use your plan to tell your story to the person who looks after you. It would be great if you could make a recording so that we can listen to your story at school.

Click on the presentation below to guide you:

Wed Eng


Today we are focusing on making Tally charts

Follow the presentation below:

law maths wed

Now try the worksheet:

Making Tally Charts (1)




Our Science work this week is based on staying healthy, we are going to be thinking about what makes a healthy diet.

Follow the presentation below:

healthy living powerpoint science (1)

Can you create your own ‘Healthy Plate’?

Healthy eating plate science handout (1)

cc science good hygeien standard version science handout (1)

good hygeien helper version science handout (1

Cheeky Challenge:

cc science


Lawley Home Learning Tuesday 2nd March

Good morning! I hope that you all enjoyed the home learning tasks you were set yesterday. I hope that you will be ready to talk about your work during our daily Zoom session.

Your invite will be sent out on Class Dojo as usual.

Did you join in with a Phonics session with me?

Let us know how you got on.

Make sure that you join in with your daily Phonics session. You will need a pencil and a piece of paper.

Don’t forget to log on to Bug Club to access you reading book and complete the activities. You may want to visit our virtual library on the school website to listen to a story aswell!


We will be using the ideas you collected yesterday to make a story mountain plan.

Which animal did you choose?

Look at the Power Point presentation below to support you:

Tues Eng

You may want to use the story mountain template or create your own! Don’t forget to send a photograph of your plan.

Finally, don’t forget to record a short video to tell us about your favourite book ready for World Book Day on Thursday.


Today you are dividing by 10. It may help to find some objects from around the home to help you e.g. straws, pencils, pebbles.

The Powerpoint presentation below will guide you:

lawley tues maths

Now try the worksheet:

Dividing by 10 (1)




Tuesday Egyptian lesson (2)

Our History this week is linked to our Bible Story Joseph and his Technicolor dream coat. You may want to look at the presentation with who ever looks after you then you can design your own hieroglyphics.


Lawley Home Learning Monday 1st March

Good morning, I hope that you all had a relaxing weekend. We are all really looking forward to seeing you back in school next week. We are continuing to focus on the Bible Story ‘Joseph and his Multi Coloured  Dream Coat’ and our whole school text ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers.

We now have our very own Virtual Phonics school on our website, this means that there is a lesson prepared by Mrs Thompstone for every sound that we learn in Phonics. You will need a piece of paper and a pencil and the click on the Learning Tab and follow the link to our reading page. It looks like this:

You simply click on the sound you want to practise and your lesson will begin.

While you are there, please take a look at our virtual library. There are lots of books to choose from. When you have found a book that takes your fancy, click in the front cover and you can sit back and listen to the story.

Make sure that you are logging on to Bug Club  each day.

Your English task today is to plan your own version of a ‘Lost and Found’ story. Open the slides and listen to the instructions:

Monday Eng



Today is our problem solving lesson.

Watch the presentation below:

monday maths lawley




Finally, I would like you to finish the story board you have been creating based on the Joseph Bible Story:

Joseph story board (1)

Can you record yourself reading the story and send it on Dojo?


Friday, 26th February Home Learning

Good morning everyone and happy Friday!

Well done for all the hard work that has gone into your home learning this week, it has been great seeing your photographs and work.

Well done to everyone who joined our zoom meetings this week.  We will be having two zoom meetings today.  On top of our class zooms, Mr Dickson will also be holding a collective worship at 9.30am.  The link for this is below, and please see class dojo for our class zoom details.

Topic: Mr Dickson’s EY & KS1 Collective Worship
Time: Feb 26, 2021 09:30 AM London
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 976 9222 8006
Passcode: Trinity
Today we are taking part in Safer Internet Day.  There are lots of links and activities today for you to join in with.

Phonics Home Learning

Please join in with the live session of our Read Write Inc Phonics, set 3 with Rosie.  This session goes live on YouTube from 9.30am.

Ruth Miskin Training – YouTube

Maths Home Learning

Today, and every Friday, we are going to give you the opportunity to complete Maths activities on TT Rockstars, Numbots and Mathletics.  With these websites, your progress is recorded so I will be able to see who has logged on and what you have completed.  Your login details are in the front of your reading records, however if you cannot find these, please send me a message.


English Home Learning and Safer Internet Day

Today is usually our spelling test day, however due to last week being half term, we will not be having a test today.  Please find your new spellings on our class spelling page.  

Here is an introduction on Safer Internet Day for you to watch:

Safer Internet Day – Live Lesson – BBC Teach

Now, let’s read the story below about Smartie the Penguin.


As part of safer internet day and continuing with our letter writing theme, I would like you to write a letter to a friend or member of your family, explaining to them how to stay safe online.  Think about the features of a letter, as well as the important information you would like to share.  Below is the letter WAGOLL we have looked at throughout the week.  Use tips from Smartie the Penguin, as well as information we have learnt previously in class. 

Here is the link for you to choose a range of activities with Smartie:

Fun ‘Smartie the Penguin’ activities – Childnet

Now, please select some of these activities to complete:

I would like you to carry out your daily reading.  If you do not have any spare reading books at home, please remember you all have access to Bug Club.  Again, if you cannot find your login details, please message me.  I am checking this regularly so I can allocate more books to the children who need them.

Have a great day and remember to stay safe.  If you have any questions, please do message me.  If not, I look forward to seeing your work today.

Art Lesson- Music, Shapes and Art

For Art this week can you create your own coat of many colours?

You can draw designs and patterns on it and make it your own.

Image result for art lesson joseph technicolour dreamcoatImage result for art lesson joseph technicolour dreamcoatImage result for art lesson joseph technicolour dreamcoat



You can use colouring pencils, pens or paints, you can even make one using collage!

Image result for art lesson joseph technicolour dreamcoatImage result for art lesson joseph technicolour dreamcoat

You can use symbols from other bible stories, or put in things from your own life that are important to you.

Image result for art lesson joseph technicolour dreamcoat

Use the template below to help you.

technicolour coat template

Make sure to think carefully about the colours you are using, can you use all the colours of the rainbow?

Image result for colour wheel


Thursday, 25th February Home Learning

Good morning everyone!  Well done on completing your home learning yesterday, and do not forget to keep sending it in either through Class Dojo or our class email.

We will be holding our class daily zoom today.  Please make sure you do join, it is an important part of our day and an opportunity to discuss our daily home learning activities.  You will find our daily zoom links on Class Dojo.

Phonics Home Learning

Please join in with the live session of our Read Write Inc Phonics, set 3 with Rosie.  This session goes live on YouTube from 9.30am and can be accessed for 24 hours.

Ruth Miskin Training – YouTube

Maths Home Learning

We are going to start off our maths session by singing our counting in 5s song.  Once you have joined in, please write down all numbers up to 50 counting in 5s, making sure all your numbers are formed correctly.  Why not challenge yourself even more by going up to 100 counting in 5s.

Today we are going to continue with our Multiplication and Division unit, concentrating on dividing by 5.  This is where we are sharing a number equally into five groups.  For example:

Let’s have a close look at our number sentence and what each part means:

Now, please watch the video below which explains dividing by 5 in greater detail.

Spr2.4.3 – Divide by 5 from White Rose Maths on Vimeo.

I would now like you to complete the work sheet based on dividing by 5.  Remember, I like you to be as practical as possible, and using different equipment can help our learning.  There may be many things around your house to support your learning of dividing by 5.  Make sure you ask permission first, but some ideas are lego bricks, dolls, cars, books, sweets, fruit or coins.  You will be using these to divide by 5 – sharing equally into 5 groups.  You could draw five circles on a piece of paper, use string or wool to make a circle shape, or use a hoop – be creative and as practical as possible during your maths worksheet activity.

Dividing by 5

Cheeky Challenge: Complete the true or false problem below.  Show me your working out either by drawing representations or by using equipment.

English Home Learning

To start our English lesson today, I would like you to look at the following picture in detail.  Then I would like you to list as many adjectives (exciting describing words) as possible.  Finally, please use at least two of your adjectives in a sentence.  How many sentences can you write?  As an extra challenge, can you include three exciting adjectives in a sentence?

We are continuing with our English based on the story Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers.  To start with, please write a full sentence how you think the penguin felt throughout the story.

Now, let’s listen to the story again.

Lost and Found Story

Today, we are going to write our own letter based on our story Lost and Found.  Let’s have a quick recap of our letter WAGOLL (What A Good One Looks Like).

Now it’s over to you to write your own letter.  Use the plan you produced yesterday as guidance, and refer to our WAGOLL above for support.

Cheeky Challenge: Check back through your letter and see if there is any further information you can add, and that you have used all features from our WAGOLL.

Please carry out your daily reading.

Art Home Learning

Please see Mr Hughes’ separate art post for today’s lesson.  Remember to send in your photographs.

Now is also your opportunity to learn our whole school song, Any Dream Will Do.

Have a good day and keep sending in your hard work.