Each week, the children in Hawstone will receive a list of spellings to learn for the following week. These spellings will have a spelling rule to learn. Each child will need to practise these spellings everyday.

Foody Friday 3rd July – Stiperstones and Hawkstone’s home learning.

Good morning

I don’t know what happened to the Maths yesterday but this should have been your first activity on measuring angles.

Watch the video https://kids.classroomsecrets.co.uk/resource/measure-with-a-protractor-video-tutorial/


Interactive worksheet – Year-5-Measuring-with-a-Protractor-Interactive-Worksheet

Worksheet 2 – https://free-secret-resources.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/Year-5-Measuring-with-a-Protractor-Worksheet.pdf

Art – This afternoon we are going to look at the famous artist Arcimboldo. Look at the link and using food magazines or  pictures, create your own Arcimboldo picture.



Monday Home learning for Hawkstone and Stiperstones

Hi Everyone,

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Our topic this week is Theme Parks. We have some exciting projects for you.

Start by watching some of the rides here at Disney Florida.

Some of these rides could appear on your theme park.

The Maths and English themes are combined today. It will probably take you most of the day to get through this planning.  Have fun!!!

Theme Park Presentation Lesson 1 This Power point will help you plan the beginning of the design of your very own theme park. You will decide on a name for it and be given a budget.

Follow the instructions for your first draft plan.First Draft Map Activity Sheet

Keep a running cost of your budget in these notes.Building a Budget Activity Sheet theme-park-notes (3)



Contractions or Omission – please look at the poster below and understand the rule. If you can learn the spelling, learn the word before and after it had been contracted.

E.G has not – hasn’t. When writing the word please pay attention to the apostrophe ( as it is in the air) and do not join the letter after the apostrophe.

Can you match the words before and after by have been contracted?

Curiosity English lessons 4 and 5

So the next stage is to reveal the contents of the suitcase…

Who does the suitcase belong to? Where have they been? Where will they go next?

So today and tomorrow, I want you to look over the diary entries and become familiar with how diaries are written. Read the examples and look at the Success Criteria of what to include.

Write a diary entry as if the suitcase belongs to you. It will will be written as if you have been on an adventure and reflecting on the day.(Maybe at the end of the day- before you go to bed).

Tell me all about your adventures, link this back to your senses. What you saw, can smell, taste, touch and hear. Try to include any spellings from the 3/4 or 5/6 spelling list you have been learning.


Use a variety of fronted adverbials and remember correct punctuation (we looked at the last week). Use a range of conjunctions ‘A WHITE BUS’. Again something else we looked at last week. And lastly, use expanded noun phrases to make your writing more interesting. I cannot wait to read the diary entries. Please email to Hawkstone@holytrinitcepa.co.uk

After your diary entry, please write a where you think they may go next on their adventure? Why might they be going there? Also who with? I am curious to see what you think.



dairy victorian_workhouse_diary diary

my_amazing_school_day diary

dairymy_amazing_school_day diary



I will be posting Holy Trinity Celebrations tomorrow, so please continue to send work examples. Thank you.

Home learning this week – Focus – Curiosity.

I will  be setting work for most of the week on this post so you can see the progression of the tasks. I have labelled English as lesson 1,2,3,4, and 5 so you have the choice to break them down into daily tasks or complete them at your own pace.


Lesson 1 What is curiosity?

Please watch the ‘Treasure Champs curiosity video’, this will explain in detail what curiosity is. After you have a better understanding, look at the image below and fill in the grid. Then describe the suitcase using your knowledge of expanded noun phrases. 


Lesson 2


Lesson 3

  • What do you think is inside the suitcase and why? Explain your reasoning with full sentences and using a range of conjunctions.
  • Who does the suitcase belong to? Why do you think this?
  • Draw images if this will help you.

Please watch the video to help you and vary where in the sentence you put the subordinating conjunctions.

Lesson 4 /5 –  I will post the next clue to the suitcase on Thursday morning where you will have to write a diary entry after observing the contents of the suitcase. Contents will be relieved.


MATHS – The lessons will take all week so please work through them at you own pace, the answers are available on the page so please feel free to check after. I have set all Hawkstone Year 4 as I would like to refresh you minds (Year 5). All videos can be found on the following link – https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-4/

Lesson 1 –Please watch the  video

Activity below:  https://wrm-13b48.kxcdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/homelearning/year-4/Lesson-1-Y4-Summer-Block-1-WO1-Make-a-whole-2020.pdf

Lesson 2 Please watch the video

Activity Below: https://wrm-13b48.kxcdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/homelearning/year-4/Lesson-2-Y4-Summer-Block-1-WO2-Write-decimals-2020.pdf

Lesson 3 Please watch the video

Activity below: https://wrm-13b48.kxcdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/homelearning/year-4/Lesson-3-Y4-Summer-Block-1-WO3-Compare-decimals-2020.pdf

Spellings Year 3 / 4 please learn 10 a week

Spellings Year 5 / 6 please learn 10 a week

If you need any help with the activities please email me: hawkstone@holytrinitycepa.co.uk. I am in school Tuesday and  Wednesday so may be making contact to see how you are getting on.


EASTER WEEK – Lets start with a joke… Q. How does the Easter bunny stay in shape? Lots of eggs-ercise! Read below for more jokes…

Q. How did the soggy Easter Bunny dry himself?
A. With a hare dryer!

Q. What do you call a rabbit who tells jokes?
A. A funny bunny.

Q. What is a rabbit’s favorite dance?
A. The Bunny Hop.

Q. What do you get when you pour hot water down a rabbit hole?
A. A hot cross bunny.

Okay so my jokes might not be the best but lets have a fun  and creative week. I  have set a number of tasks to be completed over the Easter Holiday and have fun with the activities.

  • Task 1: Easter Joke book –  Create a joke book after with the theme ‘Easter’. We can share the jokes on the Friday  celebration post. If you send them  by Thursday I will  test them on Mrs Rowley  and whichever one makes her laugh the most will be the best joke. Either send me pictures (by email) of your jokes or type them up and email them to me at: Hawkstone@holytrinitycepa.co.uk


  • Task 2: Easter Cross Art –  Have a look at the document or choose one of your own. Choose items from around the house, be creative!   EASTER CROSS ART


  • TASK 3: The Easter Story Power Point – Look at the whole power point then choose a slide, write a diary entry as if you were one of the people from that slide (See title on slide explaining who you are) E.G The people – Palm Sunday. Some slides also have a short video you can watch.   The Easter Story


  • TASK 4: Easter Expert – After looking at the Power point and watching the videos on the slides, you are now an ‘Easter Expert’. You have been given a list of key vocabulary, you need to find the meaning or a definition for each word. The key vocabulary list is also your spelling list.KEY VOCABULARY


  • TASK 5: Holy Week –  Draw an image and write description explaining what Christians believe happened on the days of Holy Week. HOLY WEEK


  • TASK 6: Easter Egg Hamper- If I had £50 to spend on Easter treats and had to fill a hamper for 10 adults and 10 children what could I buy? I would like a selection of eggs and treats. You need to decide what size eggs to buy and how many. Some come with extra treats (like a mug). I would like a variety. Please send me a made up shopping list of what I should buy. Spend as close to the  £50 as you can. eastereggprices



  • TASK 8: Easter Bingo – Be creative and see how many fun activities you can complete.

I rang you all on Friday, thank you to the parents and children who I spoke to, it was lovely to hear how well you are doing and how hard you are working. If I didn’t manage to speak to you, I will try again this week.

There is enough work to last over the Easter Holidays, don’t feel you have to do it all, but have a go at some. I would love to see your work, your creative images and crafts. Please email pictures and work to – hawkstone@holytrinitycepa.co.uk


He is risen phrase on a cross. Colorful flowers background. Studio shot. Flat lay.

Home learning work for this week

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and are keeping yourselves safe.

I am attaching work to be completed over the next week. I have attached spellings for both Year 4 and Year 5. As normal, learn you spellings everyday, write them in sentences so you understand them in context (in you best handwriting). Ask someone to test you on your spellings next Monday.

year 4 5 spellings 30 03 2020

Next I have attached Maths – this is carrying on from multiplication and division. We will be recapping on the ‘bus stop method’ and learning division with remainders. See attached sheet for a video recapping and explaining division with remainders. I have attahed work for Year 4 and Year 5, Fluency, Reasoning, Sentence Stems and a Cheeky Challenge game at the end. This Maths lesson may take you a few days.

MATHS 4 5 Monday

Finally I am setting you 2 writing tasks.

One – Pobble 365, to recap on inverted commas and write a diary or a short story based on the image, complete  all the tasks assigned to the image.


Two – To watch 2 films throughout the week, take notes about what you observed, write 2 film reviews and create slide images of the films.




I also ask that you complete the Joe Wicks PE session daily, you need to subscribe to watch 9am – 9:30 am


Read every day for 20 minutes and write a short summary about what you have read. And if you complete a book, please take the AR quiz. To complete all tasks assigned on Mathleticcs as the due date is the 1st April. I will be awarding Mathletics certificates on a Friday – so keep your eyes peeled.

If you need any help or want to send me any pictures please send an email to: hawkstone@holytrinitycepa.co.uk with a comment of: I GIVE PERMISSION FOR THE IMAGES TO BE SHARED ON THE SCHOOL WEBSITE AND SOCIAL MEDIA.

Thank you for all you hard work and commitment in home learning and please keep safe.


division poster