Tuesday 14th July

Good morning Haughmond,

I hope you have all been practising your talents, ready for our Y6 have got talent Zoom on Wednesday.

Below is the timetable of home learning activities. Have a good day 🙂

Today’s session is about multiplying decimals by integers. Watch the video tutorial and then have a go at the activities. You can complete the worksheet by printing it out or filling it out on screen.


Den making

Can you build a den in your garden, or inside your house? Once you have built your den, can you write me a set of instructions, so I know how you’ve made such a good den!

Hello Monday.

Good morning team,

Today, marks the last week of the Summer Term. For you guys, this is the last week of being a primary school pupil. Although this year hasn’t finished the way we wanted it to, the Y6 team are working hard to make the best out of this situation. So keep your eyes peeled for things occurring this week.

Our home learning focus for this week, is continuing with the ‘outdoor’ theme. Hopefully the weather will be nicer this week, so we can spend more time outdoors.

Below is the timetable for todays activities:

Today’s session is about multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1,000. Watch the video tutorials and then complete the activities provided.





Friday Water Cycle

Good morning Haughmond,

We have made it to the end of another week. Next week is our last week of the Summer Term.

As we have had a lot of rain over the last few days, I thought today’s lesson could be based on the learning of the water cycle.

Start the day, by waking up with some exercise and learning about the water cycle.

Click on the link below, to access the video.


Using the clip as a stimulus, can you write your own explanation report about the water cycle with a detailed, labelled diagram. You could then, also complete your own experiments, demonstrating the key processes: evaporation and condensation. To demonstrate evaporation, leave a tray of water outside and watch it disappear and evaporate. To retrieve the water, create condensation by using a cold window or mirror and breathing onto it. This will create moisture.

For today’s session, why not try some practical maths? Watch the video for some ideas on how to test your fractions knowledge using things you already have at home!

We’re going on a bear hunt…

Good morning Haughmond,

We are going to continue our outdoor learning theme today.


Can you write a newspaper report about a family going on a bear hunt?

Watch the video of Michael Rosen performing the story of ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’. Using the video as a stimulous, can you write a newspaper report about a family going on a bear hunt. Remember, a newspaper report needs to have the following features:

A bold, eye catching title

A short introduction

Images with captions

Reported speech

Events need to be written in chronological order

Watch the video below to help remind yourself of the features and the layout of a newspaper report.

Today’s session is about finding fractions of an amount that you can learn all about with Martin in our video tutorial. There are two activities to work on today.


Leaf Art

Wednesday Riddles

Good morning Haughmond,

We are half way through the week. In our class we love a riddle. So today’s English lesson is going to involve writing our own riddles about nature.

Can you correctly answer these riddles first?


Out door scavenger hunt.

Using the template on the link below, you need to try to find something outside for each letter of the alphabet, for example an ant for A.


Food Friday

Happy FRI-YAY team!

Today is the last day of our food topic, and we are going to finish the week with a ‘Friday treat’. A lot of my class love to talk about fast food takeaways, such as KFC and McDonalds.

Your first task is to choose your favourite takeaway to research. For example, you could choose KFC and research when it was founded, who’s idea was it to create a chicken outlet, how many KFC’s are there in the world?

Choose a food outlet you would like to research and create a fact file.

Today’s session uses a learning video clip! Watch the story, pausing to work out your answers. You might want to keep a pencil and paper nearby.


Unhealthy eating

Good morning Haughmond,

Today we are going to explore unhealthy eating- through one of my favourite things… CHOCOLATE.





How good is your chocolate bar knowledge? Can you score full marks on this quiz?

Design your own chocolate bar. 

You have just been given a job at Cabury’s World. They have asked you to design a brand new chocolate bar for them. 

You firstly need to design your chocolate bar, listing the ingredients needed to make it. 

Once you have designed your chocolate bar, you need to create an advert to promote it! 

Why don’t you have a go at making a video advert to promote your new chocolate bar?