Whole school music challenge – ‘Any Dream Will Do’!


We are setting you a singing challenge to complete over half term and including the first week back in school. We will be studying the Bible story ‘Joseph and the coat of many colours’ when returning to school. Your challenge is to watch and listen to the powerpoint below (made by Miss Younger) and learn a song from the musical of Joseph called ‘Any dream will do’. Once you have learnt the song, can you record yourself singing and together, as a whole school, we will collate the videos and make our own version of the song.

You can find the song and lyrics attached to the post, or on You Tube:

The moral of the story is forgiveness, one of our school’s Christian Values and therefore the story has an important part in our school’s ethos and well-being of the children.

Colossians 3:13,

“Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.”


Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is a musical comedy with lyrics by Tim Rice and music by Andrew Lloyd Webber. The story is based on the “coat of many colours” story of Joseph from the Bible’s Book of Genesis and was produced in 1999.


Please see the PowerPoint below created by Miss Younger and complete the following tasks:

  • Learn the song
  • Record yourself singing
  • Please send any videos in to longmynd@holytrinitycepa.co.uk by 2nd March 2021, which then gives us time to edit and create the final video.

Whole school song – Joseph powerpoint

Any dream will do – song lyrics

Thank you for all your continued support with home learning at these difficult times that we are faced with.


Matthew 5:16

 ‘In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven’.

Blue Peter badges

During the summer term, we posted how you could earn yourself a Blue Peter Badge. The teachers applied for the key worker children who were in school during lockdown while at home we posted weekly activities which you could complete in order to earn a badge. See link below


The badges were for children aged 6+

After speaking to a number of parents and careers, I can confirm the Blue Peter Badges have started to come in!

I would like the say a well done to all if you have received a badge or applied. If you can send an image of your child with their badge to admin@holytrinitycepa.co.uk we can celebrate together the achievements during lockdown. There is a 14 week wait for badges as so many children applied.

Read details below:


Every week for 6 weeks, during the summer term, I posted a range of activities to complete to earn a Blue Peter Badge.

The iconic Blue Badge – Blue Peter fans can earn one of these by sending in a letter or picture; you could make a rainbow for the NHS, create your very own ‘thank you’ jar, or even make a delicious bake to show your appreciation for a friend, family member or neighbour!

Silver Badge – If you already have your Blue Badge, do something different, have a midnight feast, or discover awesome kitchen science. Tell us what you’re proud of doing and apply for your Blue Peter Silver Badge.

Green Badge – This one’s all about the environment. If you’re passionate about the planet, why not try planting a seed, making a bug hotel or bird feeder, creating a window box garden or looking out of your window to see all the different types of wildlife you’re able to spot? Write in or send a picture about how green you are to apply.

Purple Fan Club Badge – Fancy yourself a Blue Peter superfan? Then this badge is for you! To get your hands on one of these, join the Blue Peter fan club, fill in the form and tell us what you’d like to see in the show and makes you a Super fan when you apply for your Blue Peter Purple Fan Club Badge.

Music Badge – Are you all about the music? If so, why not see if you can earn yourself a Blue Peter Music Badge? This one was designed by the one and only Ed Sheeran and you can earn one by picking up a musical instrument, creating a playlist of musical memories or sharing your favourite songs of all time. Fill in the form and include a picture and apply for your Blue Peter Music Badge.

Sport badge – The Sport badge is awarded to those who’ve found new ways to get active. You can hold a DIY sports day in your garden or at the park, set up an awesome obstacle course, complete a skipping challenge, or try out a totally new sport you’ve never heard of before! Fill in the form and include a picture to tell Blue Peter how you’ve been sporty to earn your Blue Peter Sport Badge.


Now to follow on the 6 badges of summer. Blue peter have another competition- the gaming competition.

Would you like the chance to meet a superstar gamer and record a video with them about the hottest games of 2021? What about the opportunity to design an in-game skin for a character from the hit game Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout?! Well, you can win both! All you need to do is record a video of yourself talking about something you really love, design a character skin and tell us about them and the world they live in.




Thank you for your continued support during lockdown and home learning.

Poppy competition winners

Well done to parents, carers and children who took part in the poppy art home learning competition. We have had a huge contribution across the school and what we have received is to a fantastic standard. From water colour canvases, 3D poppy fields to giant poppies.

It was so hard to pick one winner from each class that we decided to pick two. Each winner will receive a certificate and a sweet treat.

Here are all the winner from nursery to KS2:

As a school we thank you for your continued support in all the home learning projects. Keep your eyes peeled for the next one…


Watch this space!

Meet your new teacher!

As we are unable to have a normal transition into our new classes, the teachers have produced a short video to introduce themselves to their new pupils. We are all looking forward to meeting you properly in September.  Have a wonderful Summer and stay safe!

Nursery with Mrs Kenning and Mrs Maltby

Clee with Mrs Meddins

Earl’s Hill with Mrs Allcock

Wrekin with Mr Hughes

Lawley with Mrs Thompstone

Caradoc with Miss Wright

Longmynd with Miss Hutson

Hawkstone with Mrs Holmes

Stiperstones with Miss Scoltock

Haughmond with Mrs Platt

Home Learning – Art Lesson 6 Colour Monster

Hi everyone! Welcome back to your Art lessons online. I hope you have fun drawing along with the artist today.

Ceramic Artist James DeRosso . TV | OPB

In today’s lesson we are inspired by an artist who loves to draw and create little monsters. We are also going to learn a little bit more about the different type of colours and their names.

Bat Flop | ART Elements GalleryA Monster Party in the Art Room...James DeRosso inspired Monsters ...

You don’t have to copy my drawings exactly, for this lesson if you want to change the colours on your colour wheel or how your monster looks that’s fine, it is your art! If you don’t have the same resources at home don’t worry, just use what you have.

Home learning – Art Lesson on Tall Birds with Salvador Dali

In today’s lesson we are inspired by an artist who loves to draw his dreams, Salvador Dali. These pictures can look strange and sometimes very funny. I hope this lesson helps you to see the fun in Art and you can have a little giggle with as well!

Salvador Dali - 1162 artworks - painting

You don’t have to copy the drawings exactly, for this lesson you might want to change the animal that you add your long legs too or maybe you want your animal to have long arms, it is your art!

Salvador Dalí: Painting "Les Elephants", (1948) framed - ars mundiDo you think Salvador Dali was a great artist or just a showman ...

If you don’t have the same resources at home don’t worry, just use what you have. You could even try and make your own.

The Persistence of Memory Painting By Salvador Dali - Reproduction ...

I hope you have fun drawing and painting along with the artist.

Home learning – Art Lesson Illustrating and Dreaming with Quentin Blake

In today’s lesson we are inspired by an illustrator who has drawn pictures for lots of children’s books. I think you might recognise some of them! It’s also a time for you to think about your dreams, big or small.

BBC - Quentin Blake on working with a big friendly giant

As we are staying in and staying safe, now might be the perfect time to think of something that you would love to do one day, or maybe even start on your dream today!

Quentin Blake: Roald Dahl rewrote the BFG because of my drawings ...

You don’t have to copy thedrawings exactly, for this lesson you might want to change the character and you will definitely want to add in your own dream, it is your art!

Coronavirus: Quentin Blake makes rainbows to raise pots of gold ...

If you don’t have the same resources as the artist at home don’t worry, just use what you have. You could even try and make your own.

I hope you have fun drawing and painting along with the artist!

Guess the Pet!

Here at Holy Trinity we love our pets! We thought you would like to meet them too!  But instead of just sharing our pet photographs, we thought we would make a game out of it for you. Your job is to match each pet to its owner staff member!

Each pet picture will have a letter of the alphabet to identify it. Each staff member who has shared a photo has their name listed at the bottom of all the photographs. Next to the staff member’s name is a number. This is the number of photographs that belong to them.

For example, I would show as Mrs Allcock (3). This means there are 3 photographs from me, not necessarily 3 pets. One photo might have more than one animal on it.

Here are the pet photos

  A        B                          D                           E                                F                                          G                            H                          I                                    J                    

  K                       L M                N                                          O                    

P                                                   Q                                        R                   S                                     T                                                                                U                                                                           V                                                                     W                                                       X                               Y                        Z             A1                                                    B1                                                                C1                           D1






Here are the names of staff who have shared photos of their pets. Remember the number shows how many photo’s belong to them, not how many animals.

Mr Dickson (1)

Mr Kenyon (1)

Miss Wright (2)

Mrs Allcock (3)

Mrs Allen (1)

Mrs McCulloch (1)

Mrs Platt (1)

Miss Scholtok (1)

Miss Hutson (1)

Mrs Price (1)

Mr Hughes (1)

Mrs Holmes (1)

Mrs Thompstone (1)

Mrs Taylor (1)

Mrs Meddins (1)

Mrs Maltby (1)

Mrs Dorofte (1)

Mrs Kenning (1)

Mrs Owen (1)

Mrs Dallow (1)

Mrs Lewis (1)

Mrs Roberts (1)

Mrs Morgan (3)

Mrs Philips (1)

Mrs Salter (2)

Mrs Rowley (2)



Home Learning – Art Lesson Desert Doodles

In today’s lesson we are inspired by an artist who loves to doodle on everything, Sam Cox.

Cass Art Interview | Sam Cox (The Doodle Man) - Pick up a pen and ...

You don’t have to copy the drawings exactly, for this lesson if you want to change the desert images or the colours that’s fine, it is your art!

The Kooky Drawings of Sam Cox | Scene360

If you don’t have the same resources as the artist at home don’t worry, just use what you have. You could even try and make your own for this lesson.

The Doodle Man: Artist interview with Sam Cox | Cass Art

I hope you have fun drawing or painting along.