This week in Ercall

This week has been a busy one! We’ve had sports day, visited the art gallery and finished the assessments!

our star of the week was Gwen. Gwen tries her hardest all day, every day. Well done Gwen! ⭐️

Next week we will be starting a new shape unit in maths, learning about Jewish festivals in RE and living things in Science.

See you Monday!

Miss Roberts

Last week in Ercall

Last week we made shofar horns in RE, investigates a WAGOLL in English and made Father’s Day cards too!

Our star of the week was Luna. Luna tries hard in every lesson and her resilience is inspiring to all those around her – well done Luna 🌟

This week we will be competing in sports day on Friday, learning about nutrition in DT and visiting the Art Gallery on Thursday.


Our week inErcall

It’s been a busy week for our first week back! We’ve practiced sports day, started a new english unit and created a science poster about our topic last term!

Next week, the year 4’s will finish their multiplication check, we will look in lunch boxes for DT and start to learn about Egyptians in History!

Fresh spellings have also been set.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Roberts

Our week in Ercall

What a lovely week we’ve had! We’ve made switches in science, discussed risks in PSHE,  and learnt about time in maths.

Our star of the week was Sophia! Sophia has returned to school after breaking her elbow with a positive and resilient attitude. We are so proud of all her efforts and how she brightens the class everyday with her can-do attitude! Well done Sophia 🌟

Next week we will be visiting the library, learning about different coasts and pilgrimages in RE!

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Roberts 

Our week in Ercall

This week in Ercall we’ve made circuits, practised for sports day and made printing blocks in art 😊

Our star of the week was Kabir. Kabir has worked really hard on his art this week and created a lovely printing block. Well done Kabir 🌟

Next week we will be writing an independent piece in English, learning about time in maths and coasts in geography 😀

Homework includes times tables and new spellings were also given out.

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Roberts 

Our week in Ercall

Another lovely week in Ercall, we’ve learnt new skills in netball, had a go at creating different shapes in computing and talked about strengths in PSHE 😊

Our star of the week was Faith, who has been trying especially hard with her reading. Well done Faith 🌟

Next week we will be making circuits in Science, learning about coasts in Geography and time in maths 😊

Have a lovely weekend and please remember no school on the bank holiday Monday!

Miss Roberts 

Our week in Ercall

This week in Ercall we’ve returned to the library, started our typography in art and played the glockenspiels in music!

Our star of the week was Eunice. Eunice could be a star every week for her consistent dedication  and hard work. She also completed a brilliant homework piece on protecting the ocean, well done Eunice ⭐️

Next week we will be learning all about rainforests in English, learn about animals in French and starting our electricity unit in science 😊

spellings will be tested on Monday and homework is timestsbles.

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Roberts 

Our last week in Spring

What a  fantastic term we’ve had! To finish it off this week, we’ve made a digestion system in Science, completed DT Easter cards for the elderly, and learnt all about Reverends Paul’s day in RE!

our value champion was Viktor. Viktor is  consistently pushing himself to finish all his work to a high quality and remains focused in every lesson. At the start of the year, Viktor was beginning to learn his 3 times tables – due to his hard work in school and home, he’s now on his 12’s! Well done Viktor 😊

Homework is TTRockstars, reading and spelling.

We have parents evenings on the Tuesday and Thursday we return to school. Please dojo for an appointment. We return to school on the 9th April.

Have a lovely half term!

Miss Roberts 

Our week in Ercall

This week in Ercall we’ve learnt about intestine length in Science, found out facts about whales in English and learnt what perimeter is in Maths 😊

Our homework this week is a times table sheet, which children will be tested on on Wednesday.

Our star of the week was Jack. Jack has been working hard on his work and really focusing on making sure he finishes every piece. Well done Jack 🌟

Next week we have our Easter service in church on Thursday, finishing DT cards for the care home and learning about ancient civilisations maths in History 😀

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend

Miss Roberts