Another great week!

We have had another super busy week in Earl’s Hill. Well done to all of the children for sports day. Both reception and year one children did so well and we are so proud of them all.

This week in Maths reception children have been working on recapping number bonds to 5. We have used different resources such as five frames, part whole models and matching games to help us.

On Monday reception children also learnt about the artist ‘Georgia O’Keefe’. We read a story all about her and then had a go at recreating some of her artwork using water colour paints.

Reception children have enjoyed the sun this week in LEX time. We have had lots of outside play.

The whole class have enjoyed our dough disco sessions this week.

On Thursday in Design and Technology year one children discussed how to safely use cooking utensils. We talked about different utensils and what they are for. We then all had a turn at slicing a banana up. Next week we will be designing our food product.

To finish off the week reception children have been exploring different 3D shapes. We then went on a 3D shape hunt to see what we could find. The children were fantastic!

Our week in Earl’s Hill

What another busy week we have had in Earl’s Hill this week.

The children have particularly enjoyed our sports day practice sessions. They can’t wait to show off their skills next week!

Reception have enjoyed brilliant brushers…

On Monday in Maths reception children used their subitising skills.

The whole class have been very excited watching our butterflies emerge this week. We have had lots of conversations about life cycles and how to care for our friends. We have let the butterflies go towards the end of the week.

Reception children have enjoyed focusing on ‘picnics’ this week as part of our Literacy. We talked about what we would take on a picnic and used this in our writing and role play.

In computing this week Year One thought about programmes and outcomes. We talked about how to use ‘Scratch’ ready for when we get the laptops out in a few weeks.

Year one children have also been learning about time this week in Maths. We have been singing days of the week and months of the year songs. I am sure the children will be confident in sharing these at home with you.

Well done Earl’s Hill- you have worked hard this week!

Our first week back after half term

What a lovely first week back we have had after the half term break. We have been very busy and have been enjoying observing our new friends- the caterpillars!

On Tuesday in RE to begin our new topic we looked at different pictures of our world. We talked about what a creator would be like.

In Music we are recapping on the songs we have learnt over the year. We took it in turns to stand at the front and help our friends remember the lyrics.

Reception children have been reading the hungry caterpillar story. We have been sequencing the story and ordering the days of the week.

Reception children have enjoyed predicting what our new literacy text will be about. We talked about the setting and what we think the characters might be doing.

On Friday we discussed time in reception. We looked at pictures from when we were babies and toddlers and compared them to how we look now.

The whole class enjoyed going onto the field to look for leaves as part of our science/understanding the world topic.

On Friday we moved our chrysalis to the net. We can’t wait to watch them transform into butterflies.

Our last week before half term

Reception children had a wonderful start to the week with a visit to the museum in Oswestry. All of the class were so sensible walking and the adults were extremely proud of how well they listened to our talk. We looked at fossils and enjoyed lots of activities.

On Monday as part of our ‘Sunflower challenge’ in reception we looked inside different foods to see if we could find seeds. We talked about the different fruits we have and used magnifying glasses to become seed detectives. We then used the fruit and vegetables to paint with. We talked about the different shapes we made.

On Tuesday the whole class enjoyed dinosaur day. Some children chose to wear ‘dinosaur’ themed clothes and bring in a toy/book for our special show and tell in the afternoon. In the morning we made dinosaur nest cupcakes and then made our very own fossils using salt dough.

We have all enjoyed counting songs this week.

On Thursday the reception children noticed how much the sunflowers we planted had grown. We took time to really look at the sunflowers and observe what had happened to them. We listened to a story about planting sunflower seeds and watching them grow.

The whole class enjoyed a visit to our new garden of hope on Thursday morning. We talked about the rules when in our garden. We also talked about what hope means and what we hope for.

We have enjoyed performing our final song in Music.

The whole class have made a card for our local care home.

To end the week we have been comparing deciduous and evergreen trees in Science. Well done Earl’s Hill. Have a lovely half term break and I will see you when we return!

This week in Earl’s Hill

We have had another really busy week in Earl’s Hill. The children have been working hard and enjoying learning.

Reception children have enjoyed continuing our sunflower challenge. We have explored seed packets this week and have become maths detectives. We found lots of numbers on the seed packets and talked about what they mean. We have used five frames to help us recognise how many seeds we will need to ensure each child can have one. We then counted the pots too. We have also made a calendar and talked about the changes we may see to our seeds that we have planted this week.

Reception children have also been enjoying lots of literacy activities this week. We have been working on using our phonics to write words and letter formation.

We have had fun in LEX time building a big den! The children really thought about how we could make sure the roof doesn’t fall down. We also found a spiders nest outside!

In Music this week year one have been practising playing the glockenspiels. Reception children then joined us to sing our song.


Reception children have come to the end of their Literacy topic all about dinosaurs. We sequenced the story in groups and then wrote a caption about a picture from the book.

The whole class are enjoying watching our sunflower seeds grow.

Year one children have also come to the end of their Literacy topic. They have written some fantastic stories this week all about lost toys. I am extremely pleased with how their writing has developed over the past few months. Well done Year One children you should be very proud.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and well done again.

Our week in Earl’s Hill

It has been another fantastic week in Earl’s Hill class and the children have been doing lots of exciting things.

On Tuesday we continued our Music topic. Year One children had a go at using the instruments and singing the song at the same time. It was tricky!

On Tuesday Reception children began the ‘Sunflower challenge’. We had a lovely morning researching all about sunflowers and finding out lots of interesting facts. We used the internet and books to look for pictures and find out information. It would be lovely for the children to share all that they know so far with parents/carers at home.

We continued our challenge throughout the week and looked closely at lots of photos of sunflowers. We then used all that we know so far to paint pictures and draw chalk sunflowers. Thank you to the parents/carers that sent in pictures for the children to share.

On Friday reception children enjoyed water play in the sun. We talked about how the containers were full and empty.

Year One children have enjoyed making a sculpture bird as part of our Art topic. We thought about the different colours we wanted to use. We put feathers and wings on our birds and they look fantastic. Well done Year One.

As part of our RE Year One children wrote about different ways we can care for our world. Here is an example piece of writing.

We have finished off the week by planting our own sunflowers. We are starting our Plants topic in science and we are looking forward to watching our seeds grow.


Well done everyone.

Fantastic work in Earl’s Hill this week

We have had another great week in Earl’s Hill and the children have been working very hard.

We have planted cress seeds this week. We were very impressed that they only need to be placed on cotton wool and be watered in order to grow. We will be watching how our cress seeds grow over the next week ready to begin our new science/understanding the world topic, plants.

In Maths this week reception children have been enjoying lots of different sorting activities. Firstly we sorted different objects by colour. We then thought about different ways we can sort.

Lots of fun with brilliant brushers this week. We are becoming teeth brushing experts in reception!

We have continued to study the word of Diana Beltran Herrera in our art. This week year one have designed the bird sculpture that they will be making next week. Reception children enjoyed making birds nests using straw and decorating birds to go inside.

Year one children have continued to enjoy learning about London as part of our Geography. This week we have looked at a map of London.

On Friday reception children enjoyed measuring their height in class on our chart. We discussed the words shorter and taller and what they mean.

To finish off the week we have made our bug house for our garden of hope. Thank you so much to all of the children who have collected different items to go inside. It looks fantastic and I am sure the bugs will agree!

Have a lovely long weekend and I will see you next week.


Our week in Earl’s Hill..

We have had another great week in Earl’s Hill this week.

In Art this week we have been studying a new artist, Diana Beltran Herrera. We looked at her website and the different sculptures that she has made. Year one children had a go at manipulating paper from 2D into 3D to make birds. Reception children enjoyed working together to have a go at drawing feathers.

Reception children enjoyed sorting out different dinosaurs.


In Maths reception have been looking at equal and unequal groups, and were introduced to the word ‘double’. They have been fantastic at spotting doubles. Year one have been continuing to explore a ‘half’.


In LEX time this week reception have been continuing our theme of Dinosaurs based on our literacy text. On Monday they worked together to make a dinosaur land!

Year one have been enjoying Literacy this week. On Thursday we wrote a list of what we would take to a birthday party.


Well done everyone.

Our week

We have had another lovely week in class this week.

On Monday Year One enjoyed guessing what our new topic in Geography is. We looked at different clues and discovered that we will be learning all about London. The children already knew lots about the different things you see in the city. Well done.

We are all enjoying our new Music topic, we are working hard in two groups to sing our song, ‘Your Imagination’.


In Literacy this week reception children went on a word hunt! We then had a go at sounding out the words and writing them onto leaves for the dinosaurs.

Reception children enjoyed using cotton buds to make dinosaur pictures. 

On Friday as part of our Science/Understanding the world we talked about why it is important to wash our hands. We did an experiment to see how soap gets rid of nasty germs. We then made hand washing posters which we are going to put up around school.

Finally we enjoyed our visit from Booka Bookshop. We looked through lots of different books and talked about the ones that we liked and why. Thank you Booka. We will enjoy reading the stories you have left us in class over the next week.

Well done everyone for another great week.