Collective worship – Whole School – NSPCC


Whole School collective worship this week is by Miss Scoltock, the theme this week is NSPCC

Collective-Worship-NSPCC (1)

Please click on the PowerPoint to access.

If you have time, please watch the following video:
We also have a bible link to Faith and Belief:


Let us prayer click image to emlarge:

Earth Day Home Projects

Well done to everyone who completed an activity from my Earth Day post last week.  I have been amazed by your efforts!  Take a look below at the projects sent to me:

Lucas’ Earth Day poster

Odin’s Bug Hotel

Amelia’s Bird House

Hanna filling up her pond

Mia building their pond

Hanna and Mia’s completed pond

Kobie’s Bug Hotel

Alex’s Bird House

Anabel’s plants

Miti’s Earth Day poster

Indi’s acrostic poem

Indi’s Bug Hotel

Thank you to you all and to parents and carers for your ongoing support, what a difference you will make to our Earth through your wonderful projects.  You will all be awarded 5 class dojo points, and a small Earth Day prize will be passed onto you shortly.


Super Clee!


We have had such a busy week in Clee class!

In Literacy we had a letter from a villain telling us that they had stolen Techno Ted from our classroom! The villain set daily challenges which the children had to complete to get Techno Ted back. These included writing where we thought Techno Ted was being kept, thinking of, and writing down, some words rhyming with bat and chat, writing our name and the names of our friends and drawing a picture of us as a Superhero and writing our Superhero name.

We put the missing posters we made around school so that everyone could look out for Reggie Robot’s light.




We completed all of the challenges and Techno Ted was returned to us safe and sound with Reggie Robot’s light tucked in his Superhero pants!



We made a Spiderman Writing Web




In Maths we learned about capacity using Superhero Power juice. We matched numbers to quantities by playing a Superhero pairs game. We took it in turns to roll the dice and fill the ten frame with the correct number of jewels or gold coins.




In Understanding the World we made Superhero dens in the forest area



We finished our busy week off with a party to celebrate the children who had birthdays in April.



Collective Worship – Faith and Belief – Pedal Power

This week we have a collective worship by Mrs Platt, she is focusing on believing in yourself and never giving up – The Big Pedal.

See Power Point below:

Collective Worship pedal power

Mrs Platt has included a few links having faith in what you do and when riding a bike.

See the song below and join in:

See the story below about faith:


Please click image below to enlarge the prayer:

Thank you and have a wonderful day.

Early Years Bubble Celebrates St George’s Day Friday 23rd April 2021!


Nursery, Clee and Earls Hill children learned about St George’s Day.

In Maths Clee class made fruit jousting kebabs. We talked about adding one more piece of fruit and when we ate a piece of fruit we talked about 1 less:


Nursery, Earls Hill and Clee all made bunting and shields:

Earls Hill and Clee children made sandwiches and Nursery iced biscuits. 

We all joined together in the afternoon to watch the story acted out by the adults and join in lots of fun activities followed by a picnnic afternoon tea:


Happy St George’s Day Early Years!

Our First Week Back in Clee


It has been lovely to have the children back in school after the Easter break. They have all settled straight back into school and have been eager to start our Superheroes topic.

A big welcome to Freddie who started in Clee class this week. 


The children arrived in class on Monday morning to find a hole in the ceiling. There were lots of questions; Who made the hole? How did they make the hole? We had a big discussion with many interesting ideas shared by the children.



In Literacy we received a letter saying that someone (a villain) had stolen Reggie Robot’s light! The children were shocked and decided to write letters to the villain to ask for the light to be returned. They also made ‘missing’ posters which we are going to put up around the school:


We have used our Superheroes writing areas:



We went to the forest area where we found natural materials to write with:


Our book this week has been ‘Ten Little Superheroes’. In maths we have been Superhero numberfinders 


We hunted for Superhero numbers and put them into the correct order


In Expressive Art and Design we designed and made Superhero capes:


The children suggested a name for our class Superhero/Supervillain. They then voted to decide the name.



The children were each given an Easter chick with a chocolate egg inside to take home. A big thank you to Mrs Meddins’ Mum for making the chicks for the children.


What a super busy week!

Earth Day – Thursday, 22nd April 2021

Hello everyone! It’s Mrs Thompstone here and I would like to tell you about Earth Day 2021.  This is a worldwide event where we come together to celebrate our wonderful Earth, and today, Thursday, 22nd April 2021, is Earth Day.  Every year there is a particular theme, this year the theme is ‘Restore Our Earth’.

Our Earth is precious and it is important to make sure we look after it.  Here are two video clips explaining the history of Earth Day.

I would like you all to take part in an activity based on Earth Day.  Below you will find a range of different activities for you to choose from, or you may wish to come up with your own activity idea.  You can take part on your own or with a family member, you will be able to share your ideas and plans, as well as develop your understanding and learning of Earth Day.

Once you have completed your activity, please take a picture and either send it to your class teacher through your class email, class dojo, or please email them direct to me at  The deadline for our activities is Thursday, 28th April, and everyone who enters will receive a prize!

Please do have fun, be creative and resourceful, develop your understanding of our wonderful world, and get your family members involved.  Remember to stay safe and please do ask permission from a grown up before using any resources.

Build a Bug Hotel

Build a hotel made from natural resources that any creepy, crawling insect would love to call home!  The image below give you some ideas- they’re a little bigger than you may create but it gives you an idea of what you can use to make it. Make a Bird Feeder

Create, build or decorate your own bird feeder that robins, blue tits, wrens or any number of garden birds would love to feast from!  You could use natural resources or materials you have at home. You may want to make a single feeder or a bird feeding station! 

Create a Nature Garden

Dedicate a small section of your garden to nature and the animals that visit it! Add a small area of water for bees or birds to drink from, add natural materials insects can call home or even add a box for a hedgehog. 

Decorate a Bird Box

Create a lovely home for a family of birds by decorating a bird box. You may choose to build your own bird box to decorate or decorate one that is bought.  

Create a Eco Poster

Pick an Eco topic that you are passionate about and create an eye-catching poster that informs people on your topic of choice. This could be using less electricity, recycling more, reducing the amount of plastic used, reducing greenhouse gas emissions or reducing deforestation for example.  Whatever topic you pick, make sure your poster is really eye catching and gets your message across. You could do this on paper, card, on the computer or in any inventive way your like!

Bake Earth Cookies

Follow the receipt to create your own Earth Cookies.

Climate Change Fact File

Carry out research and create an interesting fact file on climate change.  Find out what climate change is, how it is caused and what we can do to reduce this.  You may wish to research Greta Thunburg for support on your fact file.

Earth Day Acrostic Poem

Create an acrostic poem based on Earth Day.  You may wish to use the words such as Earth Day, World or Restore our Earth.

Let us prayer together to celebrate our wonderful Earth.

Dear God,

Help us to care for and love our Earth, and all of creation you have blessed us with.


Good luck everyone, I cannot wait to see the activities you have completed.


Whole School Collective Worship – Faith and Belief (Genesis 1-2 – Creation / Earth Day).

Every Wednesday in class, the children will take part in a collective worship which will be teacher led. We will be posting the PowerPoint for you to join in at home if you wish.

The Christian values for this half term are: Faith and Belief. Each week the teacher led collective worship will focus on the Christian Values, with a story from the bible and a link to the wider world. We encourage all children to take part  in the discussions and come together to sing, listen to stories from the bible, pray and reflect.

The first collective worship is by Miss Hutson which has a focus on Genesis 1-2-  Creation and the faith and belief that God put in humans to care for the world he created. This also links in with Earth day on the 22nd April 2021.

Please see powerpoint below for the collective worship.

Collective Worship earth day

See below for the creation story Genesis 1-2

Please join in the action song – I’m part of Gods creation:

I have also provided on  the powerpoint a beautiful video linked to Psalm 104 – our wonderful world:

We also have a prayer to end (please click on link to enlarge):

Pirate Day

Free Pirate Cliparts, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art on Clipart  Library


We had a fantastic pirate day in Clee Class!

During the day we took turns in showing our costumes to the class, we played in ‘Ye Olde Golden Trinity’ pirate ship, we walked the plank, we made pirate flags and hats, we wrote our pirate names and we had a lovely treasure map cake snack made by Mrs Dallow.



Whole School Collective Worship – Perseverance.


Whole school Collective Worship – Perseverance

Good morning, so it is our fourth and final instalment of our whole school collective worship, please feel free to share with your children at home or in class.

This week the focus is Perseverance.


As we develop this week’s value of ‘perseverance’ as a school community, we will consider the following:

  • How are we encouraged and given skills to persevere through difficult times?
  • How does our learning and teaching encourage and motivate children and adults alike?
  • Do we all understand that hard work and perseverance in all aspects of our lives is worth the effort?

A Christian Perspective on Perseverance:

Jesus frequently encouraged his disciples to “endure patiently” the difficulties and obstacles they encountered and to persevere in the face of adversity. He himself trusted in God even when his enemies tried to stop his work and plotted his death.

Please click the link for information and a worksheet on Perserverence – perseverance

Please have a go at the Growtrh Mindset learning zone and see what pushes you to  out of your comfort zone.  This activity is fort you to discuss where you feel comfortable with an activity and where  you push yourself, never give  up, persevere to achieve what you want. Comfort zone 

E.G I feel comfortable writing sentences with capital letters and full stops I am in my danger zone when asked to write sentences with expanded noun phrases .

E.G I am in my comfort zone when kicking a ball, I am in the danger zone when asked to go in goal.

We have a wonderful video from Holy Trinity Church for you to watch: – please click the link. Within the video we focus on the ‘The Parable of the Lost Sheep’  which appears in Luke 15: 3-7


I have included two songs for you to listen to the lyrics focusing on never giving up: –


Inspirational people who never gave up!

Walt Disney – Disney was turned down 302 times before he got his dream of creating “the happiest place on Earth”, better known today as Disneyland.

Michael Jordan –  Jordan is widely considered to be the greatest basketball player of all time, however he was cut from his high school varsity basketball team during his sophomore year. That only inspired him to work harder.

In his words: “I have missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I have lost almost 300 games. I have failed over and over and over again in my life and that’s precisely why I succeed.”



 Let us pray :-

Lord Jesus,

When I feel worried about facing a new challenge, help me to persevere. When the going gets tough, help me to persevere.  when I feel like giving up, help me to persevere.