Caradoc Home Learning 1st April

Good morning Caradoc! Well, it is the 1st April today- sometimes known as April Fool’s day when people play practical jokes. I thought I would give you a ‘funny’ picture to start your day!

I would like you to write up the final version of your story today in your best handwriting. Make sure that your ascenders and descenders are clear. I will give out Dojo points for effort with presentation!

Here is a piece of text (linked to our whole school story ‘How to Heal a Broken Wing’). Read it carefully. Can you answer the questions?

I will set your new spellings under the spelling tab and set a quiz as a ‘do’ on Purple Mash


I would like you to log onto TT Rockstars and continue practising your times tables.

Easter Story


Caradoc Home Learning 31st March

Good morning, I hope that you are all well and enjoyed some of the sunny weather yesterday. Did you visit the virtual library or take part in a virtual Phonics session with Mrs Thompstone? Let me know on Class Dojo.

I would like you to complete our Multiplication and Division ‘Hot task’ today. Try to do this independently and ask an adult to share how you got on with me on ClassDojo.



I have been VERY impressed with your story writing, well done everyone!

These word mats may help you:



Easter Story

Watch this video:

Caradoc Home Learning 30th March

Good morning Caradoc, I hope that you are all well and enjoying your home learning tasks.

Don’t forget you can join in with one of Mrs Thompstones virtual phonics sessions or listen to a story in our virtual library by following the links on the Reading page of our school website.



I have set work for two groups again as we have been working in class:

Group 1 watch this teaching video:


Here are the Group 1 slides to follow:

tues maths group 1

Group 2, follow these slides:

tues maths group 2



Use your 5 part story plan to help you to write your story in clear paragraphs. Below are examples of a WAGOLL for each section:


We are continuing our work on the Easter story.





Caradoc Home Learning

Good Morning Caradoc, I am so sad that we are not all able to be in school together but I hope that our learning can continue whilst you are at home. I am so very proud of all that you have achieved over the last few weeks.

Here are your home learning activities:

Some of you may like to take part in a Phonics session with Mrs Thompstone to revise Set 3 sounds:

Follow the link on the website to Learning then to Reading to find our virtual Phonics sessions. You may want to pop into our virtual library to listen a story, there is a great selection.


I have set work for two groups in Maths as we were working in class.

Group 1 – watch the teaching video:

You may want to find some objects at home to support you with the following slides.



Group 2:

I would like you to complete the NRICH activity ‘Ordering Cards’. Follow the link below:


Last week, you all created a fantastic plan for your own story about an injured animal. I would like you to create a story mountain at home to help you to write this story. Think about the story mountains we talked about in class. Here is an example to help you:

Think carefully about the sections in your story. Remember that a really good opening needs to set the scene so introduce your character and the setting. Here is a WAGOLL (What a good one looks like). Look at the features which have been coloured or underlined.

Can you spot different sentence starts, powerful verbs and interesting adjectives?


We have been focusing on the Easter Story, last week in class we talked about Palm Sunday and created a piece of artwork based on the scene in Jerusalem.

Your artwork will be the scene on a postcard. I would like you to write the postcard. Imagine you are in Jerusalem, perhaps you climbed a tree to get a better view of Jesus on the Donkey. Describe what you might have seen, heard or felt.


Finally, if you have any questions or need any support please ask an adult to contact me on ClassDojo or on our Class email.

I can’t wait to see you all again soon!

Caradoc March 5th Friday Home Learning

Good morning everyone.

I hope that you enjoyed all of the World Book day activities yesterday. Today we are continuing with the theme of authors and you are going to complete an author fact sheet. A ‘2do’ has been set on Purple Mash for you to complete a profile about the author Michael Rosen or Julia Donaldson.

If you choose you can complete a fact sheet about your chosen author, don’t forget to send a picture on Class Dojo.

This video may help you:

Don’t forget to log onto Bug Club and complete the reading activities.

I would like you to log onto TT Rockstars or Numbots today to practise your Maths skills and you may like to log onto Mathletics.

Your spelling quiz has been set as a ‘2do’ on Purple Mash.

We are  looking forward to seeing you all back in school next week!


Hello everyone and welcome to our The Day the Crayons Quit Art lesson.

The Day the Crayons Quit | Teaching Resources

For this session we are going to create our own crayon and choose a colour for it.

There are lots of different shades of one colour. We might say green can be light or dark. Or use a completely different name for it.

I’d like you to think carefully about colours that might not be in the book themselves.

You could choose Light Blue Crayon or Dark Red Crayon or even a colour like Turqouise Crayon or Beige Crayon.

Below is a list of colours with their names that you can use! Printed Color Chart image 0

You’ll have to create or draw your crayon and say why they are quitting!

You could even create a multi-coloured crayon!

Below are some ideas.

Here is a crayon template for your own crayon



World Book Day Home Learning

It is World Book Day! We are all very excited about World Book Day and hope you enjoy all the story related activities we have planned for you. We would love to see photographs of your World Book Day.

Today is all about celebrating and sharing different books stories and authors. There are lots of different story sessions on Zoom today so you can chose which story time you would like to join.

Our whole school text is ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’


Watch the video below:




Finally, don’t forget to send us your video telling us all about your favourite book!


Caradoc Home Learning Wednesday 3rd March

Good morning everyone! I hope that you have been enjoying our home learning lessons and activities so far this week.

Remember that tomorrow is World Book day and we will be posting lots of fun ‘story’ related activities for you to enjoy and also planning lots of Zoom Story Time sessions throughout the day. I can’t wait to see all of your character costumes! Remember to bring your favourite story along to your class Zoom so that we can do a ‘Book Wave’ and share our favourite books with each other.

Make sure that you are logging on to Bug Club each day to access your reading books and activities.

Have any of you been joining in with Phonics sessions with Mrs Thompstone? I would love to hear from you.

If you have any suggestions for stories you would like included in our Virtual Library, send a message on Dojo and we will see what we can do.


Today we are going to use our story mountain plan to write a simple ‘Lost and Found’ story. You could use your plan to tell your story to the person who looks after you. It would be great if you could make a recording so that we can listen to your story at school.

Click on the presentation below to guide you:

Wed Eng


Today we a continuing our work on multiplying 2 digit numbers by a 1 digit number ( with an exchange)

Wednesday Maths




Our Science work this week is based on staying healthy, we are going to be thinking about what makes a healthy diet.

Follow the presentation below:

healthy living powerpoint science (1)

Can you create your own ‘Healthy Plate’?

Healthy eating plate science handout (1)

cc science good hygeien standard version science handout (1)

good hygeien helper version science handout (1

Cheeky Challenge:

cc science


Caradoc Home Learning Tuesday 2nd March

Good morning! I hope that you all enjoyed the home learning tasks you were set yesterday. I hope that you will be ready to talk about your work during our daily Zoom session.

Your invite will be sent out on Class Dojo as usual.

Did you join in with a Phonics session with Mrs Thompstone?

Let us know how you got on.

Make sure that you join in with your daily Phonics session. You will need a pencil and a piece of paper.

Don’t forget to log on to Bug Club to access you reading book and complete the activities. You may want to visit our virtual library on the school website to listen to a story aswell!


We will be using the ideas you collected yesterday to make a story mountain plan.

Which animal did you choose?

Look at the Power Point presentation below to support you:

Tues Eng

You may want to use the story mountain template or create your own! Don’t forget to send a photograph of your plan.

Finally, don’t forget to record a short video to tell us about your favourite book ready for World Book Day on Thursday.


Today we are focusing on multiplying 2 digits with 1 digit with no exchange. Follow the presentation below and play the teaching video.

Tuesday maths

Here is the work sheet to complete:

tues sheet



Tuesday Egyptian lesson (2)

Our History this week is linked to our Bible Story Joseph and his Technicolor dream coat. You may want to look at the presentation with who ever looks after you then you can design your own hieroglyphics.