Home Learning – Wednesday 1st July


We have made it Wednesday and you have worked so hard already! Keep up the good work! 


In the story, The Rainbow Fish learns how to be a good friend. 


Have a look at these two pictures: 










The first one is at the beginning of the story. What kind of friend is The Rainbow fish being? The second picture is at the end of the story. How has The Rainbow Fish changed? Is he a good friend now? What is he doing? Is that a kind thing to do? 


How does The Rainbow fish become a better friend? What does he do that means he is a good friend? What can we do that would make us a good friend? 

Draw a mind map with all of your ideas! What makes a good friend – mind map


If The Rainbow Fish forgets how to be a good friend, can you write a short manual for him so that he can remember? 

Start your manual with: “To be a good friend you need to…” and then write a few sentences instructing on how to be good to your friends. 



To have a go at this activity, all you need is some masking or painters tape. 

Draw some shapes on your floor with the tape. Ask your child to move to the different shapes when you call them out. You can change it up by asking them to move to the shape like different animals! 


Have a go at cutting out some shapes. Focus on being able to cut along the lines with control. Can they tell you what the name of the shape is? How many sides does it have? Here is a sheet you could use if you wanted: Cutting shapes


Have a go at cutting out some shapes as above. Once you have cut out the shapes, can you fold them in half? Is there more than one way to fold a shape in half? 

Now have a go at these shapes: Trickier shapes

Can you fold these in half? Are there any that you cannot fold in half? Why can’t you?

Extra Activities

Today you can have a go at some bubble painting! Find out how here!

Have an amazing day!