English Home Learning 1st July 2020

Writing A Letter

Today you are going to write a letter to your teacher to tell them all about what you’ve been doing and learning at home.

Letters need to be written in paragraphs so that they make sense and are easy to read.

In your letter, each paragraph should talk about something different.

For example:

  • Paragraph 1 = what you have learnt in your home schooling

  • Paragraph 2 = what you have enjoyed doing the most

  • Paragraph 3 = what you are looking forward to when you go back to school

Letters also contain questions so that the recipient (the person receiving the letter) can write back and answer those questions.

Questions often start with one of the five w’s:

  • who
  • what
  • why
  • where
  • when

Questions can also start with words like ‘did’, ‘how’, ‘do’ and ‘which’ and should always end with a question mark.

5 Ws for the question words who, what, why, where, when
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