At Holy Trinity Nursery we pride ourselves on offering caring and nurturing environments for the children in our nurseries. We appreciate the challenges faced by parents to leave their children at nursery, and we have used our own experiences to ensure our nurseries are clean, safe and welcoming.

The holistic care of children at nursery is largely dependent on a good relationship and communication between nursery staff and parents. Therefore, we endeavour to work in partnership with parents and keep them informed of all aspects of their child’s wellbeing and progress at nursery. Our Nursery staff operate an open door policy and are always happy to talk with parents regarding any issues or concerns.

Our Nursery is based at the side of the school and can easily be accessed from the main road. We take children from three years until they leave for school after their fourth birthday – many go directly into the school we are based in, friends they make in our nursery could be friends for life.

Children are welcomed into our bright and airy entrance where they can store their belongings on their personal coat peg and bag hook. Parents can view the day board to see what the children have been upto and there is a large notice board with staff photographs, menus and all our legal bits and pieces.

We have lots of indoor and outdoor space at Holy Trinity Nursery. The rooms are full of educational and exciting things to choose from; from jigsaw puzzles to Lego to having fun with Bob the Builder on our web safe PCs, the children have the freedom to self-select. The children also have access to a wide range of painting, sand, water and other art materials. There is a reading corner and here the children can snuggle up on large soft rugs and bean bags while looking at and reading a variety of books both on their own (while still supervised) for some quiet time and with our members of staff. We’ve even been known to do a bit of baking, sending your child home with a delicious cake or freshly baked bread roll for your tea. We also have morning and afternoon snacks available with milk or water and fresh fruit and veg on hand to help fuel their imaginations.

As toddlers become pre-schoolers we respond with a focus on self-managed activities as part of day-to-day play, such as dressing up, ‘cooking’ in the play kitchen and developing their independence skills. Messy play, hide and seek and memory games in the pre-school are also introduced. Safely managed and supervised, such activities nevertheless encourage respect, co-operation and personal choice and of course, they’re lots and lots of fun!

Every child will be eligible to receive 570 hours of free care over the course of an academic year. This entitlement can be taken over 38 weeks, a normal school year, by parents taking 15 hours each week.

When will my child be eligible for Early Education?
All three and four year olds are eligible for free early provision regardless of their circumstances. Your child will be eligible for their free entitlement from the following dates:
  • Children born in the period 1st January to 31st March: the start of term beginning on or following 1st April after the child’s third birthday;
  • Children born in the period 1st April to 31st August: the start of term beginning on or following 1st September after the child’s third birthday;
  • Children born in the period 1st September to 31st December: the start of term beginning on or following 1st January after the child’s third birthday.
From September 2017 some three and four year olds will also be eligible for an additional 15 hours of free provision each week (30 hours each week in total). To qualify for these extra funded hours both parents will need to be working for a minimum of 16
hours each week (or one parent in a lone parent family) and be earning no more than
£100,000. To see if you are eligible for the additional hours and, for full details of all of
the financial support available to help with childcare costs, please visit