More Minibeasts!

We went on a ladybird hunt. We think it was a little bit too hot for the ladybirds though, because we didn’t manage to find a single one. We decided, that as we hadn’t found any ladybirds, we ought to make some ourselves. We did this by using biscuits, red icing and chocolate drops. We were very careful to count the spots and make sure we put the same amount on both sides of the ladybird’s back.


We have also worked on developing our fine motor skills this week by threading spider webs.


We had an afternoon learning about bees and honey. We watched a video showing the different types of bees and learning what their roles are. We know that the Queen Bee stays in the hive and lays eggs. We know that Drone Bees are male and that the female Worker Bees visit flowers to collect pollen and nectar.

We pretended to be bees by dressing up in a bee head dress, wings and ‘sticky’ boots. We visited one giant pretend flower, and the pollen pom poms stuck to our boots. We pretended to drink the nectar with our long straw tongues. Then we flew to a different giant flower. Some of the pom pom pollen came off on the second flower. Some pollen stayed on our boots and we took it back to our hive.



We explored honey by touching, smelling and tasting it. We also listened to the piece of music ‘The Flight of the Bumble Bee’ by Rimsky-Korsakov.

What busy bees!