This week in Stiperstones 📚

This week the children have been very working hard, producing some excellent work.

They’ve been working hard in maths, focusing on their place value, rounding numbers to the nearest 10,100,1000 and 10,000. The children have also been busy making numbers up to 1 million and comparing them.

In English, we stated our new unit of work, which is a narrative about a monkey in space. The children have really enjoyed writing character descriptions of the monkey. Some excellent writing has been produced. I’ve been very impressed.

I’ve also been impressed with how engaged the children have been with our topic, they had great fun producing detailed posters about space.

On Tuesday, there was an incident on the school field. An object resembling a space rocket, had crashed. 🚀

The children had great fun examining the crash site. We took pictures of the rocket and used them in our art lesson. The children were asked to produce detailed sketches. We have some very talented artists in Stiperstones.

Our star of the week last week, for making an excellent start to Holy Trinity was Mia Sorour.
Our star of the week this week, for adapting a fantastic attitude towards her learning and making an excellent start in Y6- is Ella Comley.

Well done girls- keep up the fantastic work.

This week all children were given their log in details for, Mathletics, Read Theory, Times Table Rockstars and accelerated reader. It would be fantastic if the children could access these websites at home.

It has been another busy, productive and fun week in Stiperstones. I’m looking forward to achieving the same next week.

I hope everyone has a happy and safe weekend.

Miss Scoltock

Home Learning – Thursday 16th July


Can you believe it? You’ve all done so so well and we are so proud of you! Keep it up!


Today, imagine you are stranded on an island!









You need to write a message an put it in a bottle to let someone know that you need help!


You need to write:

Help me! From [then your name]

You can either have a go at writing it your self, copy it,  or write over an adult’s writing!


Have a go at writing a short note to anyone who might find your bottle! Try and write in a full sentence. You need to tell them that you are stuck on the island and you can’t get off! Don’t forget to write your name!


Write a letter to someone that finds your note. How do you start a letter? How do you finish a letter? Try and include as many details as possible. Some ideas of what to include might be: 

  • How did you get on the island?
  • When did you get to the island?
  • What were you planning on doing (had you not been stranded on the island).

Make sure you include: capital letters, finger spaces, full stops! 


For this you need some small shiny items to be treasure! (They can be anything small enough to be grabbed in handfuls: sweets, beads, coins)


Very simple activity! Pretend you are a greedy pirate. Grab a handful of “gems”. How many have you got? Can you carefully count them out and find the right numeral?


You need a dice to complete this activity (you can find a digital dice here

Roll your dice and grab that many “gems” like a greedy pirate. Repeat this action and add them together to find your total. 

Cheeky challenge: write the number sentence for your handfuls 


Just be a super greedy pirate and grab two handfuls of “gems”. 

Can you count out each handful separately and add them together? Now write the number sentence! 

Extra Activity: 

Create your very own treasure chest with an egg carton!


Wednesday 15th July Stiperstones and Hawkstone’s home learning .

Only two more days left before you will be preparing for year 6 and Year 6 – you will be preparing for Year 7

English  – I would like you to finish your story today.

Maths – Looking at symmetry in the outdoors. Look at the powerpoint Symmetry Powerpoint

Can you make a symmetrical picture – using nature if you can.

Some leaf symmetry for you to print and finish


Finally – this afternoon – perhaps you could make a symmetry patterned picture using nature.

Hello Monday.

Good morning team,

Today, marks the last week of the Summer Term. For you guys, this is the last week of being a primary school pupil. Although this year hasn’t finished the way we wanted it to, the Y6 team are working hard to make the best out of this situation. So keep your eyes peeled for things occurring this week.

Our home learning focus for this week, is continuing with the ‘outdoor’ theme. Hopefully the weather will be nicer this week, so we can spend more time outdoors.

Below is the timetable for todays activities:

Today’s session is about multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1,000. Watch the video tutorials and then complete the activities provided.



Foody Friday 3rd July – Stiperstones and Hawkstone’s home learning.

Good morning

I don’t know what happened to the Maths yesterday but this should have been your first activity on measuring angles.

Watch the video

Interactive worksheet – Year-5-Measuring-with-a-Protractor-Interactive-Worksheet

Worksheet 2 –

Art – This afternoon we are going to look at the famous artist Arcimboldo. Look at the link and using food magazines or  pictures, create your own Arcimboldo picture.


Bonjour Monday

Happy Monday Haughmond,

This week our theme of learning is going to be one of my favourite topics: FOOD! Each day we are going to explore foods from different countries and cultures and we are going to look at healthy diets and unhealthy diets.

Today we are going to explore foods from France.


Learn different foods and drinks in French.



Why don’t you have a go at making some French Crepes?

Take some pictures of you making your crepes and write up the recipe in your project books. 


Henri Matisse Art Work