Our week in Lawley!

Our final week in Lawley this term saw the children complete an independent narrative.  This was based on the Queen’s Orangutan again, but the children created all sorts of different animals and problems.  Everyone used adjectives, with some using very exciting ones, such as marvellous and spectacular!  In Maths children have been learning about fractions, with our focus being on halves and quarters.  The children were particularly excited when I used cakes to demonstrate!  In PSHE we looked at the importance of looking after ourselves, including eating well, personal hygiene, brushing our teeth, and sleeping well.  Children then chose the good foods to make a healthy lunchbox.  In Science we looked at the expected weather in Summer as well as completing our weather observations. The majority of children’s predictions were correct, with us observing sun, rain and cloud.  In PE we have focused on ball control with children bouncing the ball up with their racket and keeping in control. Whilst in gymnastics children have been looking at different ways to roll as well as moving around the equipment. In Topic we looked at the different countries of the United Kingdom, with children locating them on a map.  In Phonics children passed our phonics balls around in their group and had to sound out and read the word that faced them.

As well as spellings, children have gone home with phonics homework.  In preparation for our Phonics Screening Check, children have a copy of real and alien words to practise sounding out and blending for 5 minutes a day.  As the letter states, there are no new sounds, the children have been working so hard and this homework is just to allow them to show you their skills and keep refreshed.

Mrs Morgan and I hope you all have an enjoyable half term and look forward to seeing you all on Monday 3rd June.

Our half term in Caradoc

We have had a super half term, the children have really enjoyed our work on fairy tales; enjoying taking part in drama and role play. They have been making the most of our ‘Into the woods…’ reading area, sharing a wide range of alternative versions of traditional tales. Our beans are beginning to grow and the children have been watching the roots and shoots develop. 

Family Learning

Wednesday’s 2.00pm – 4.00pm after half term!  Free sessions!

Don’t miss out on this great chance to take part in some family learning time together with your child/ren.  The first hour is the adults ( a great way to make new friends!) the second hour the children join in to help with the project.  We will be looking at ways to use recycled items to make beautiful craft items that can be displayed around school.  We will be making use of the sunshine and gathering items from the gardens/grounds to use in the lessons.  This is a great way to put your talents to use and spend quality time with your children.  There is no cost involved it is FREE.

Lawley’s week

A warm week has meant Lawley have spent as much time learning outside as possible.  In Maths we have been looking at doubles, grouping objects equally and counting in fives.  In English we have been writing our own narratives based on The Queen’s Orang-Utan, with children using exciting adjectives.  In Topic the children have been introduced to our new unit of Best of Britsih, and children have designed their own flag and thought of questions to ask the  Queen.  In Science we went on a spring walk around the school grounds looking for signs of spring and summer, this was very enjoyable!  Children have also been observing the weather using our weather station.  They have recorded the weather, temperature, rain fall and wind direction daily.

Letters went out this week for our class trip to Rhyl on Tuesday 25th June.  Please can permission slips and payment be sent as soon as possible.  If you have any questions, please do come and see me.

A Few More Bryntysilio Photos

Lawley’s Week

We have had a busy week in Lawley with everyone working hard.  In Maths children have been learning about arrays, using cereal to set out arrays, as well as counting in twos and learning what double a number is. In English we have been focusing on adjectives and children have been describing parts of our story, The Queen’s Orang-Utah, using e citing adjectives.  In PSHE we have discussed good to be me, looking at what we like about ourselves and what we feel we are good at.  This gave everyone a huge confidence boost!  In Science we looked at typical weather in spring and are ready to start observing the weather daily from Monday, let’s hope the rain clears up! In PE children have been practising the skill of balancing a ball on a bat and moving the ball around using the bat with control.  Whilst in gymnastics today we set up the climbing equipment, children grew in confidence with climbing higher, and they were praising each others efforts.

Well done to the children who have been reading at home, it’s lovely to read the comments.  Also, a reminder that our weekly spelling test is on a Friday.