More Home Learning in Caradoc!


Anwen created arrays with her tasty looking cakes!

Very tasty looking cookies and flajacks AJ.

Excellent work from Anwen!

It is wonderful to see so many of you working at home and also enjoying time with your families. Judging by the photographs, I think we have some talented bakers in Caradoc. Maybe we will have a Caradoc Bake Off when things return to normal!  

Daily Easter themed books, videos and programmes- tune in everyday!

Everyday I will try to post a story, video clip or programme linked to the theme ‘Easter’.  It is time for you to sit, relax and spend quality time with your family.

The theme ‘Easter’ can range from Holy Week, stories about Jesus, to videos and books about chickens, rabbits and eggs! So keep your eyes 👀 open and enjoy the variety on offer over the next two weeks!

Im going to start the week off with a story read by Simon Pegg, CBeebies bedtime stories – Chickens can’t see in the dark.

So sit back, relax and enjoy listening to the story.

Home learning at its best from Stiperstones!


Well done for Bogi – We could all do with you in our houses! Not only are you a great help around the house, but have also produced a huge range of work this week and have achieved our Do Jo winner of the week! Well done you!







Keep shining!

Keep shining is the message from Larna and Elisa Croft.

From all the staff at Holy Trinity, thank you for your kind words and stars left for the children and staff at lunch time today.

What a thoughtful gesture and a wonderful family we are at Holy Trinity. Have a lovely weekend  and keep safe!!