Nursery News

What little heroes the Nursery children are! They have come into a new setting, separated from their carers and thrown themselves into their learning. All of the staff are so proud of them. Here are some photos of the first few weeks in Nursery.




Yummy! Nursery have been baking!

The Nursery children have been baking with their key worker groups this week. They talked about the ingredients they needed, measured it out carefully and did some fantastic turn taking, mixing and rolling. Then they used a heart shaped cutter to cut out the biscuits. The children were very excited to see the biscuits come out of the oven!




Home Reading Books

In order to reduce shared resources between home and school, we are changing the way in which we organise our home reading. We will be sending an appropriate reading book home with your child on a Friday along with their Reading Diary, we will not comment directly in the Reading Diaries but will check your comments and contributions. Their books will be changed on the following Friday.

Children will read at school on a regular basis and we will keep our own detailed records. Feedback on the progress your child is making and any support you may be able to offer will be communicated to you via your child’s class email. Likewise, we would encourage you to communicate with your child’s class teacher via the class email.

Younger pupils will be able to access additional reading books using our Bug Club online reading resource and complete a wide range of reading based games and activities. Their class teacher is able to see their progress. Should you have any difficulties accessing this resource please contact your child’s class teacher. We appreciate your continued support.

Home Learning – Friday 17th July

Good morning!

So today is the very last day of the school year. What a year it has been! You have all worked so hard and have shown such courage in this strange time.

There is no home learning today. Please have as much fun as you can and enjoy yourselves with your families.

Take the day off and go for a walk or to the park or to get an ice cream!

We will miss you over Summer but we are so looking forward to having you back in September!

Have a well earned break, stay safe and we will see you then!

From Mrs Taylor, Mrs Allcock and Mrs Meddins

Meet your new teacher!

As we are unable to have a normal transition into our new classes, the teachers have produced a short video to introduce themselves to their new pupils. We are all looking forward to meeting you properly in September.  Have a wonderful Summer and stay safe!

Nursery with Mrs Kenning and Mrs Maltby

Clee with Mrs Meddins

Earl’s Hill with Mrs Allcock

Wrekin with Mr Hughes

Lawley with Mrs Thompstone

Caradoc with Miss Wright

Longmynd with Miss Hutson

Hawkstone with Mrs Holmes

Stiperstones with Miss Scoltock

Haughmond with Mrs Platt

Home Learning – Thursday 16th July


Can you believe it? You’ve all done so so well and we are so proud of you! Keep it up!


Today, imagine you are stranded on an island!









You need to write a message an put it in a bottle to let someone know that you need help!


You need to write:

Help me! From [then your name]

You can either have a go at writing it your self, copy it,  or write over an adult’s writing!


Have a go at writing a short note to anyone who might find your bottle! Try and write in a full sentence. You need to tell them that you are stuck on the island and you can’t get off! Don’t forget to write your name!


Write a letter to someone that finds your note. How do you start a letter? How do you finish a letter? Try and include as many details as possible. Some ideas of what to include might be: 

  • How did you get on the island?
  • When did you get to the island?
  • What were you planning on doing (had you not been stranded on the island).

Make sure you include: capital letters, finger spaces, full stops! 


For this you need some small shiny items to be treasure! (They can be anything small enough to be grabbed in handfuls: sweets, beads, coins)


Very simple activity! Pretend you are a greedy pirate. Grab a handful of “gems”. How many have you got? Can you carefully count them out and find the right numeral?


You need a dice to complete this activity (you can find a digital dice here

Roll your dice and grab that many “gems” like a greedy pirate. Repeat this action and add them together to find your total. 

Cheeky challenge: write the number sentence for your handfuls 


Just be a super greedy pirate and grab two handfuls of “gems”. 

Can you count out each handful separately and add them together? Now write the number sentence! 

Extra Activity: 

Create your very own treasure chest with an egg carton!


Home Learning – Wednesday 15th July 2020

Good morning!

I hope we ARRRRR feeling well this morning! 

What’s a pirate’s favourite shop? 


 What is a pirate’s favourite lesson in school?



Today we are going to pretend we are real pirates! First find out what your pirate name is: 









Have a go at the purple mash/mini mash pirate mash cam.

Reception: enter mini mash – click on the drop down for pins – choose mash cams – pirate mash cam – click the face to put your face in! Don’t forget to save it! 

Year 1: enter purple mash – click on your to do’s – find pirate mash cam – click the face to put your face in! Don’t forget to save it and hand it in. 


Draw a picture of you as a pirate! What makes you a pirate? Do you have an eye patch? Can you have a go at copying your pirate name?


Can you draw a picture of your self as a pirate? What makes you a super awesome pirate? Can you write your name and a sentence to explain what makes you a super cool pirate? It could be a special skill, or an awesome hat or even that you are famous for doing something incredible like finding lost treasure! 


As above but can you include: what you look like, what you are good at and what your pirate ship looks like!



Have a go at this game. Choose either up to 5 or up to 10 for a challenge. 


Have a go at this game. Choose up to 10 or up to 20 for a challenge! 


Have a go at the medium game and choose up to 100 (tens). 

Challenge: Have a go at this odd and even game

Extra Activities: 

Have a go at designing your pirate flag to match your pirate character!




Home Learning – Tuesday 14th July

Good Morning!

Reminder for EARL’S HILL: Zoom call today at 10am! 

Topic: Earl’s Hill     

Meeting ID: 755 384 0837
Password: EH123



Have a go at some pirate phonics:

Medium and Spicy: 

Work out which words are real words and which words are silly nonsense words. This is brilliant preparation for the Phonics Screening test. 

Choose two sounds that your child might not be very confident with.



For this you will need number cards up to five and some small circles to be coconuts. 

Choose a number and ask your child to put the correct number of coconuts on that number. 


As above but increase the numbers up to ten or twenty. Ensure your child is checking their answers. In school, we encourage the children to place items neatly so that they are easy to count and they do not get muddled. 


For this you will need numbers up to ten (or twenty for a challenge) written on pieces of paper that look like coconuts. 

Turn all the numbers so that they are faced down. Ask your child to turn two numbers and add them together. 

Extra activity: 

Create a Pirate Hat! Here are the instructions: 


Make sure you decorate it!! 


Home Learning – Monday 13th July

Good Morning!

It’s the final week of school. What a year it has been! Let’s use our final push to get us to the end of the year!

This week we are going to be talking all about pirates and pants! We will be listening to the story of PIRATES LOVE UNDERPANTS!


As you listen to the story, can you draw a treasure map? Listen to where the pirates go and what they see on their adventure. Can you draw a map that follows the story? 

Once you’ve finished your map you can decorate it and make it look battered and old! You can use cold tea bags to stain the paper to look old or you can rip the edges to make it look battered! 


We are going to walk the plank today! 


Lay out a piece of cloth or a blanket to be the plank. Or if you have a plank – use that! 

Write numbers 1 – 5 or 10 (depending on your child’s ability) on pieces of paper. 
Ask your child to order the numbers up the plank. 

Cheeky Challenge: can they order them backwards as well?

Medium and Spicy: 

Lay the room out as above. 

Ask your child to stand at the “safe” end of the plank. The adult should call out a number. The child should respond with one more or one less than that number (depending on ability/confidence). If the child gets the answer correct, they stay where they are. If they need support/get the answer incorrect, they take a step forward! 

If the numbers are too easy, increase the difficulty! 

Extra Activity

Start the week off right with some pirate yoga!

Home Learning – Friday 10th July


Well done for getting to the end of another week!



What was your favourite part of the story? Can you draw a picture of the scene? Can you have a go at writing the names?


We are going to do a book review of the story “Sharing a Shell”.

Can you answer these questions? Try and use a super sentence for each of them!

  • What happens in the beginning of the story?
  • What was your favourite part of the story?
  • Who is your favourite character?

Don’t forget capital letters, finger spaces and a full stop!


We are going to do a book review of the story “Sharing a Shell”.

Can you answer these questions? Try and use a super sentence for each of them!


Don’t forget capital letters, finger spaces and a full stop!


To finish our home learning on a Fun Friday, we are going to sing some lovely Maths counting songs!

Extra activity

Can you have a go at moving like some sea creatures? 

Have a go at moving like a:

  • Jellyfish
  • Crab
  • Bristle Worm
  • Sea Anemone 
  • Shark
  • Clown Fish
  • Squid

Have a lovely weekend and stay safe!