STEM- Robotic hand. Year 4 Science.

Year 4 children in Hawkstone and Long Mynd class have been learning about ‘Animals including humans’ for their Science unit. One area of the recovery curriculum was to revisit skeletons. First the children learnt about the human skeleton and drew an X-ray of their hand. Following on from this, the children designed a ‘robotic hand’, which included, straws as bones and string as ligaments.

The children enjoyed making a robotic hand where the fingers curled up depending on on the string they pulled.

Home Reading Books

In order to reduce shared resources between home and school, we are changing the way in which we organise our home reading. We will be sending an appropriate reading book home with your child on a Friday along with their Reading Diary, we will not comment directly in the Reading Diaries but will check your comments and contributions. Their books will be changed on the following Friday.

Children will read at school on a regular basis and we will keep our own detailed records. Feedback on the progress your child is making and any support you may be able to offer will be communicated to you via your child’s class email. Likewise, we would encourage you to communicate with your child’s class teacher via the class email.

Younger pupils will be able to access additional reading books using our Bug Club online reading resource and complete a wide range of reading based games and activities. Their class teacher is able to see their progress. Should you have any difficulties accessing this resource please contact your child’s class teacher. We appreciate your continued support.

Welcome back Hawkstone Class

Welcome back Hawkstone Class!

Miss Salter and I have been very impressed at how enthusiastically the Year 4 and Year 5 children in Hawkstone class have returned to school. Everybody is excited to be here and ready to learn. It is so lovely to have all of them back in school.

All of the children have adapted quickly to the new classroom layout and routines and are all remembering to wash and hand gel their hands regularly throughout the day so well done all.

Please can I remind parents that every child should have a labelled water bottle in school every day. They will be given regular opportunities to re-fill their water bottles throughout the day. It is especially important with the lovely weather we have had recently.

Our P.E. day is Tuesday so all children need to wear sensible clothing and footwear for an outdoor PE lesson when they come to school on a Tuesday. We are not getting changed for PE so come ready for a sporty day every Tuesday morning.

Homework will be set every Friday. We will be sending home spellings, times tables and a reading book. Children need to read and write in their reading records at least four times a week. Some children will also have handwriting homework to complete. Please can the homework books and reading records be back in school every Friday for books to be changed and new homework to be set.

Our Topic this half term is Stargazers and we have made a super start to the topic with some amazing artwork and a virtual trip to space to explore the eight planets and their sizes in comparison to each other. All children have thoroughly enjoyed diving into our space theme and we are looking forward to reading more of our class text ‘Cosmic’ by Frank Cotrell-Boyce.

Thank you for all of your support.

Mrs Holmes

Final day! Home learning for Stiperstones and Hawkstone

Hi Everybody,

You have probably found out by now that I am your new teacher for next year.

I am super excited to see you all in September and get back on track to where we all left off.

As it is the last day – we are just going to revise and reflect on this  year of learning.

I have left Summer Learning packs for all of you in Reception, so please collect today as I’m not sure when school is open.

Have a go at some of these activities please.

Hello Year 6 Maths Transition Booklet

Moving To Year 6 English Transition Booklet


Thank you to everyone that have followed and tried hard with your home learning.

Have a fantastic summer holiday and I will see you all in September.

Meet your new teacher!

As we are unable to have a normal transition into our new classes, the teachers have produced a short video to introduce themselves to their new pupils. We are all looking forward to meeting you properly in September.  Have a wonderful Summer and stay safe!

Nursery with Mrs Kenning and Mrs Maltby

Clee with Mrs Meddins

Earl’s Hill with Mrs Allcock

Wrekin with Mr Hughes

Lawley with Mrs Thompstone

Caradoc with Miss Wright

Longmynd with Miss Hutson

Hawkstone with Mrs Holmes

Stiperstones with Miss Scoltock

Haughmond with Mrs Platt

Thursday 16th July

Hi Everyone

I was so impressed with some of your trolls yesterday. Well done!

I have added a few activities on Purple Mash today as they are some catch up activities that are needed to be done in Science.

Activity 1 – Matching young to adult animals

Activity 2 – A food chain quiz

Activity 3 –  Growing and changing

Activity 4 – Dangerous animals

Activity 5 – Tiger Life cycle.

If you have time – could you please pop in to school for your summer learning packs. Please bring these packs when you return in September.

Have a great day!

Wednesday 15th July Stiperstones and Hawkstone’s home learning .

Only two more days left before you will be preparing for year 6 and Year 6 – you will be preparing for Year 7

English  – I would like you to finish your story today.

Maths – Looking at symmetry in the outdoors. Look at the powerpoint Symmetry Powerpoint

Can you make a symmetrical picture – using nature if you can.

Some leaf symmetry for you to print and finish


Finally – this afternoon – perhaps you could make a symmetry patterned picture using nature.

Tuesday 14th June – Stiperstones and Hawkstone’s home learning.

Hi Everyone!

Hope you have been learning your last lot of spellings. Let me know your test scores for this week on Dojo

Keep learning these through the holiday. I am going to give you the Year 5/6 Statutory booklet that you can be learning and becoming familiar with throughout the holiday. It is also handwriting practice that will help you keep that handwriting as neat as it needs to be for Year 6   t-e-2549616-year-5–year-6-statutory-spelling-words-handwriting-activity-sheets_ver_7

I would like you to bring these booklets back with you for us all to see.

Maths – Challenge Cards maths – make sure you have finished all of the Maths challenge cards.

Today – I am challenging you to make a troll, gnome or fairy for your outdoor area out of natural materials.

If you have no clay then perhaps you could make some salt dough.

Have a great time and remember to try and use as many outdoor materials as you can as then the trolls will decompose it to the natural environment.

Monday 13th July Stiperstones and Hawkstone’s home learning

Good morning

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

We are on the last week of school.

We are continuing with our outdoor theme this week.

Maths – Fragonwood-Shapes-in-wood

We all need to know the names and properties of all these shapes.

English – Continue with the plot of the story and the problems that you outlined in your planning.

Painted leaves – be creative with the leaves that you find outside.

Have a great day!

Friday 10th July Stiperstones and Hawkstone’s homelearning.

Gosh it’s the end of the week already! It wasn’t really the week to be doing lots of outside activities we had all planned to be doing in this awful summer weather, but most of you managed to get lots of out door learning done. Well done! Looks like a better day today.

English – You have managed to plan all of your story now, so I am looking forward to reading the introduction – which should include the first four sections of your planning. The beginning, the setting, the characters and perhaps the problem.

Maths – Try out investigation 6 now.





This afternoon – you could have a got at making a leaf basket. Perhaps collect some flowers to arrange in your basket.

Have fun x