Final day! Home learning for Stiperstones and Hawkstone

Hi Everybody,

You have probably found out by now that I am your new teacher for next year.

I am super excited to see you all in September and get back on track to where we all left off.

As it is the last day – we are just going to revise and reflect on this  year of learning.

I have left Summer Learning packs for all of you in Reception, so please collect today as I’m not sure when school is open.

Have a go at some of these activities please.

Hello Year 6 Maths Transition Booklet

Moving To Year 6 English Transition Booklet


Thank you to everyone that have followed and tried hard with your home learning.

Have a fantastic summer holiday and I will see you all in September.

Thursday 16th July

Hi Everyone

I was so impressed with some of your trolls yesterday. Well done!

I have added a few activities on Purple Mash today as they are some catch up activities that are needed to be done in Science.

Activity 1 – Matching young to adult animals

Activity 2 – A food chain quiz

Activity 3 –  Growing and changing

Activity 4 – Dangerous animals

Activity 5 – Tiger Life cycle.

If you have time – could you please pop in to school for your summer learning packs. Please bring these packs when you return in September.

Have a great day!

Wednesday 15th July Stiperstones and Hawkstone’s home learning .

Only two more days left before you will be preparing for year 6 and Year 6 – you will be preparing for Year 7

English  – I would like you to finish your story today.

Maths – Looking at symmetry in the outdoors. Look at the powerpoint Symmetry Powerpoint

Can you make a symmetrical picture – using nature if you can.

Some leaf symmetry for you to print and finish


Finally – this afternoon – perhaps you could make a symmetry patterned picture using nature.

Tuesday 14th June – Stiperstones and Hawkstone’s home learning.

Hi Everyone!

Hope you have been learning your last lot of spellings. Let me know your test scores for this week on Dojo

Keep learning these through the holiday. I am going to give you the Year 5/6 Statutory booklet that you can be learning and becoming familiar with throughout the holiday. It is also handwriting practice that will help you keep that handwriting as neat as it needs to be for Year 6   t-e-2549616-year-5–year-6-statutory-spelling-words-handwriting-activity-sheets_ver_7

I would like you to bring these booklets back with you for us all to see.

Maths – Challenge Cards maths – make sure you have finished all of the Maths challenge cards.

Today – I am challenging you to make a troll, gnome or fairy for your outdoor area out of natural materials.

If you have no clay then perhaps you could make some salt dough.

Have a great time and remember to try and use as many outdoor materials as you can as then the trolls will decompose it to the natural environment.

Monday 13th July Stiperstones and Hawkstone’s home learning

Good morning

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

We are on the last week of school.

We are continuing with our outdoor theme this week.

Maths – Fragonwood-Shapes-in-wood

We all need to know the names and properties of all these shapes.

English – Continue with the plot of the story and the problems that you outlined in your planning.

Painted leaves – be creative with the leaves that you find outside.

Have a great day!

Friday 10th July Stiperstones and Hawkstone’s homelearning.

Gosh it’s the end of the week already! It wasn’t really the week to be doing lots of outside activities we had all planned to be doing in this awful summer weather, but most of you managed to get lots of out door learning done. Well done! Looks like a better day today.

English – You have managed to plan all of your story now, so I am looking forward to reading the introduction – which should include the first four sections of your planning. The beginning, the setting, the characters and perhaps the problem.

Maths – Try out investigation 6 now.





This afternoon – you could have a got at making a leaf basket. Perhaps collect some flowers to arrange in your basket.

Have fun x

Thursday 9th July Stiperstones and Hawkstone’s home learning.

Good morning Everyone

Hope you are all okay?

Take a look at investigation 4 today Learning Objectives week 1

English – Worksheet04_WILD-ABOUT-PLOT 

Now you have thought about your animal character, you can complete worksheet 4 – planning your plot to your story.

This afternoon we are going to engage in some fun activities.

The second activity is to complete an outdoor alphabet treasure hunt. What objects can you find outside with each letter of the alphabet?

a  =   acorn

b =  bush

Can you complete the whole alphabet? You may have difficulty with certain letters such as Q and Z

Have a great day!!!!

Wednesday – Hawkstone and Stiperstones home

Good morning Everyone!

It was lovely to see Everyone’s nature pictures and photos yesterday.

Today is investigation 3    Learning Objectives week 1

English – Worksheet03_WILD-ABOUT-CHARACTERS

Think about the characters you would like to use in your wildlife story.

Draw your characters.


Choose one of the stem activities to do outside or build a den. Send me some photographs of the chosen activities.

Stiperstones and Hawkstone’s Home learning for 7th July

Morning Everyone,

Hope you are well and are enjoying the outdoor activities.It was so lovely to see your faces on screen yesterday.

Spelling – Cursive Handwriting Practice Sheet

Word Search

Learning Objectives week 1 – Maths investigation 2

Challenge Cards maths

Make a beautiful picture from nature or a photo frame. Look at the ideas in the link.


Don;t forget to post me your lovely photographs.



Out door home learning for Stiperstones and Hawkstone – Monday 6th July

Good morning Everyone!

I hope you have had a great Weekend.

Don’t forget Stiperstones- at 10.00 am we are having a Zoom meeting.Get your devices ready. Can’t wait to see you.

So….. this week and next week – we hope to be having fun in the outdoors.

Maths – Learning Objectives week 1  We are only doing invstigation 1 today

English – Remember when we did some riddles earlier in lockdown on Henry V111

Here is your chance to do some more, but this time on wildlife and the great Outdoors

cfe-t-2544987-what-am-i-outdoor-treasure-hunt-activity_ver_3 riddles

Try not to cheat and look at the answers. Can you now make up two of your own riddles and perhaps illustrate your answers.

It is now time to find out more about the trees in the UK and to see if you can identify any perhaps in your garden or out near the area close to where you live.Printable Nature Worksheets – Let’s Grow Wild

Look at the sheet on the leaves and try to identify any leaves that you can. It is on page 20 of this booklet.

Some of the activities in here at quite young for you – but if you would like to do any of them – then feel free and post them on Dojo.

Also try to make this leaf identification wheel. It’s a cool way of starting to identify the trees around us.leaf-idial-sheet and leaf-id-sheet

Have fun outside today.