Wednesday 3rd June – Stiperstones and Hawkstone – Home Learning.

Good morning and welcome back Year 6 pupils.

From this morning Hawkstone are joining us. Welcome Hawkstone!

Maths – we are going to go back to Classroom Secrets-We left off on add and subtracting fractions and now we are going to start learning how to multiply them.

There are two videos to watch and a game to play. Then have a go at the work sheet linked at the bottom.

English –

Art – We are looking at Bubble Artwork

Try any bubble art  based on these ideas! Have a really great day!

Stiperstones Home Learning – Tuesday 2nd June

Hi Stiperstones

Hope you are all OK?

Well done for some brilliant Science yesterday.

Today we are going to continue with Maths from yesterday. Some of you found this a bit tricky so I’ve tried to attach a video today.

Home Learning – Year 5 _ White Rose Maths _ Maths Lessons Online


Spelling – we are now on week 6 – Don’t forget to do your test and send me your results!

Week 6 Cursive Handwriting Practice Sheet

Week 6 Word Search

History    Complete the Family tree on Tudor History – Some of you have this in your pack. How much can you do without looking at the answers?        Family trees

You could also look at this timeline and try and arrange into chronological order if you haven’t already done it.  This is also in the pack.

time line cards

Have a great day everyone!

Coronavirus symptoms

With some of the children due back to school later this week we just wanted to remind everybody of the Cornavirus symptoms.

Use this link to find out all about obtaining a test for you or a member of your family.

Do not leave home if you or someone you live with has any of the following:

– a high temperature
– a new, continuous cough
– a loss of, or change to, your sense of smell or taste

Check the NHS website if you have symptoms…/check-if-you-have-coronavirus-symptoms/

Monday 1st June Stiperstones Home Learning

Hi Everyone

Welcome back to home learning. Hope you all had a great holiday. The weather was beautiful so I spent lots of time gardening.

I am going to be back teaching in Stipertsones from Wednesday, so won’t have as much time to get straight back to you like I have been doing.

As a whole school – we are starting a new project on Bubbles as from Wednesday – we will all be working in Bubble zones.

Maths and English will be as normal. However, when Year 6 start on Wednesday, we will all work together on Bubble themes.

Today in maths – we are looking back to some revision on multiplication. Have a careful look at the sheets and follow the instructions carefully.


English – Synonyms and Antonyms – You should already know what these are , but here is some practice on BBC  Bitesize incase you have forgotten.

Today is Science Stiperstones and Hawkstone Year 5 and 6  – Remember that last week, before half term we dissected a flower and labelled it. Some of you matched those labels to the functions of each part of the flower. If you haven’t done this activity yet – it is in the pack. Also look at Ellis’ example on Dojo. Today we are discussing pollination. Look at the star sheet 2 and fill in the blanks and pictures correctly .Activity Sheet Pollination   

This clip wil help with your learning. Have a great day Stiperstones!

Friday 22nd May – Stiperstones Home Learning

Good morning Stiperstones,

You will all be glad to know that this is the last post of work for a week. You all need to have a break now – especially for those of you that have been working so hard.

However, for those of you that have not, perhaps it is a chance for you to catch up.

Maths = Year-5-Summer-Block-4-Step-6-PPT-Timetables

Maths sheets Year-5-Summer-Block-4-Step-6-VF-Timetables

English = Using Similes and Metaphors –

History = time line cards of Tudor History. Put them into the correct chronological order

See you later for Friday Shout Out!

Plans for re-opening from 1st June

Dear Parent/Carer

Please find attached a letter from Mr Dickson outlining the school plans for a phased return to school. As you are aware at the moment this only applies to children in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 and keyworker children. This situation for the time being will be our new ‘normal’ and is for children whose parent’s have booked a slot for their child.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the school office.

Thank you
Please click the link below

Letter to parents – Plans for reopening from 1st June (2)

Thursday 21st May – Home Learning – Stiperstones

Good morning Stiperstones!

Maths this morning.Year-5-Summer-Block-4-Step-5-PPT-Converting-Units-of-Time

Maths sheets Year-5-Summer-Block-4-Step-5-VF-Converting-Units-of-Time

English – Using alliteration and onomatopoeia in a setting description.

Today – We are going to do a bit more Science.

I would like you to dissect a flower today and match it to the parts of a flower on your sheet. I will attach the sheet again on here again for you.Please make sure you label your parts of your real flower.

Activity Sheet Parts of a Flower

Tuesday – Spelling Day for Stiperstones 19/5/20

Good morning

Today is spelling day! Well done for yesterday’s maths work. Looked like you are all remembering 1KM= 1000m

Today’s maths Year-5-Summer-Block-4-Step-2-PPT-Millimetres-and-Millilitres


English – spellings –Week 5 Word Search

Week 5 Cursive Handwriting Practice Sheet

Topic -There is a good couple of clips that Bitsize have been using this week that I would like you to watch please. 

Once you have watched the clips you can try the activity on putting events in Henry’s life into the correct order.

You can then take a quiz on Henry V111’s life.

Finally make sure you have finished off the comprehension sheets about Henry V111 please.


Have a great day. I think Mr Hughes has set another art challenge for you to look at as well.

Stay safe xx


Monday 18th May Stiperstones Home learning

Good morning Stiperstones – I hope you had a great weekend!

Maths – Today we are starting a new unit on Measurement. Kilograms and Kilometres.

Year-5-Summer-Block-4-Step-1-PPT-Kilograms-and-KilometresYear-5-Summer-Block-4-Step-1-VF-Kilograms and Kilometres


Science How plants reproduce

Highlight and right click on the links above – they will take you to the correct pages.

Hope you all have a good day!