STEM- Robotic hand. Year 4 Science.

Year 4 children in Hawkstone and Long Mynd class have been learning about ‘Animals including humans’ for their Science unit. One area of the recovery curriculum was to revisit skeletons. First the children learnt about the human skeleton and drew an X-ray of their hand. Following on from this, the children designed a ‘robotic hand’, which included, straws as bones and string as ligaments.

The children enjoyed making a robotic hand where the fingers curled up depending on on the string they pulled.

Stone Age – Bone age!

Stunning start

Today the children from Long Mynd and Caradoc took part in our stunning start activity. They we’re faced with a scene from the ‘Stone Age’ – this half term’s topic.

The children enjoyed exploring the scene where they were able to describe what they could see and ask any questions they had- which we will answer throughout the topic.

Long Mynd-welcome back

Welcome to Long Mynd class, all the children have settled in well to the new ‘norm’ with a smile on their face. There have been a few changes to the classroom and school life and we thank you for your continued support.

The children in Year 3 have made the jump from KS1 to KS2 and have shown courage in many areas. The children in Year 4 have been very supportive allowing all children to feel safe.

We have spent the first 2 weeks focusing on the children as individuals and this has given both staff and children the time to get to know each other.


We have sent home reading records and a homework book. We ask that you support and encourage your child in completing any tasks set.

In the homework book, we have times tables at the front and spellings at the back. We will set new spellings every Friday and test every Friday  We will also be setting individual times tables suited to where your child is at. Please return the homework book every Friday.

Reading is incredibly important and we have been reading lots with the children in school. However, in light of the current situation we are changing the way we organise home reading; your child will have a suitable reading book sent home on a Friday along with a reading diary. These are to be returned to school on the following Friday and a new book will be sent home. We will record the title of the book in the diary and would appreciate it if you could record when you have read with your child, we will check this when it is returned on a Friday but will not comment directly in the diary.

We will keep detailed records of when your child have read with an adult in school and feed back to you on a regular basis through our class email. Please feedback any comments via the class email.

PE will be on a Tuesday so please remember to come to school in a weather suitable outdoor pe kit and a water bottle.

If you have any questions or would like to contact me- please use the class email:

Tribal Tales so far…

Colours with nature, a woolly mammoth, bones and skeletons.

We’re half way there!

We are half way there!

Thank you to Emily Lewis and mum from Hawkstone Class for painting 3 rocks to add to the Covid snake ‘Rocky’.

Can we complete the full circle of the quad by the time school is over?

We need your help.

A box will be left near reception, please feel free to paint a rock and drop it off. Thank you and happy painting!


Rocky the Covid snake

Thank you again to all who have added a rock. He is growing!

Do you think we could make him go all the way around the quad?

A box has been left at reception to add your rocks, please feel free to paint a design of your choice.

6 Badges of Summer – MUSIC – Blue Peter Badge.

This week in school, a number of ‘bubbles’  will be focusing on the Blue Peter Music Badge. The age for the badge is 6+.

As a school, we can apply for your Blue Peter Badge (if you are currently in a bubble). A letter will be going home with all the details, terms and conditions. If you’re not in school, you can still apply at home.

Please visit the website and watch the video explaining all about the ‘Music Badge’.

Get your 2020 Music badge

Get your hands on this incredible looking music badge, designed by the one and only music-sensation Ed Sheeran. Fill out the form and send it to the address below. Don’t forget to attach a picture of yourself enjoying music with your entry!

Need some inspiration? Try Bring the Noise!

Do you want a Music badge but no idea where to start? Don’t have a musical instrument at home? Then why not try this Bring the Noise interactive tool! It’s a great way to learn about music and have fun doing it! You can also use it to apply for your Music badge, watch the video for more details.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

It is up to the BBC who receives a Music Badge, good luck!

Here’s a word from Ed himself:
“I’ve always loved Blue Peter and even got the chance to present the show a while back, so I’m made up that I got to design their first-ever badge for BBC Music Day. Music was really important to me growing up and I hope this badge will inspire more kids to get into it.”

How to apply:

For post, send your application with the correct postage to:

Blue Peter

BBC Bridge House


Salford, M50 2BH

Make sure you attach your application and your supporting photo or drawing!

Music Badge application

Before you apply:

  • Get a parent to read the full terms and conditions, found here!
  • You must be aged between 6 and 15 years old
  • Make sure you are using the correct 2020 application form, found on this page!
  • When you attach a photo or drawing of yourself trying your new sport, make sure there are no other people in the photo, and you are not wearing your school uniform
  • While social distancing measures are in place, please make sure that you try your new physical activity at home, in the garden or during your hour of exercise only.

Thank you and good luck.




Rocky the snake.

Well done to the children who left rocks at the office, we have now added the rocks to ‘Rocky’ the Covid snake. Please keep them coming.
There is a box outside of the school reception.

Home Learning packs

If anyone needs a home school learning pack please let me know by email or by ringing the school office:

Mrs Platt is doing a fantastic job at setting the home school learning linked to what is being taught in school and across Key Stage 2.

Keep up the great work and I will be in contact either this week or next by phone.

Miss Hutson.