We have an exciting time learning about minibeasts.  Mrs Meddins thought of many lovely activities from making spiders to measuring worms.

Some boys even decided to be cocoons

We enjoyed our visit to the music room to explore the sounds made by our many fantastic instruments

We finished with a wonderful picnic.


Another exciting week in Nursery

The children have starting making a minibeast hotel in the garden.  We are hoping that it will attract lots of interesting insects.

We have some “visitors” in Nursery.  We have five caterpillars and we are watching them to see if they will change into butterflies – hopefully!

Mrs Kenning helped the children to make a hairy caterpillar.  We filled some old tights with soil and grass seed and we are waiting for them to become ‘hairy ‘.

Next week we are finding out about slugs, snails and worms.


An exciting start to our new topic

We have begun our new topic with a bug hunt in the school field.  The children were fascinated by the baby ladybirds living in the Christmas trees. We were lucky with the weather, we chose the only day when the sun shone!

We continued to look for bugs in the Nursery garden.  Some children used a tick list to see how many different bugs they could find.

We have also used our magnifying glasses to find really tiny creatures.

We also found out how much we already knew about bugs.

An exciting half term

Even though the last half term was a  short one Nursery was very busy. We have tried to use our fingers to manipulate very tiny beads.   F

we have also been practicing drawing straight lines and circles.  We looked a paintings by Kandinsky and Mondrian and we did our own versions of their paintings.

Our mathematics this term has been based on shapes.  We have tried very hard to make pictures using 2D shapes and some children have made repeating patterns.

Next half term out theme will be A Bugs Life.  We shall be investigating lots of different insects with the help of our new student teacher Mrs Meddins.

The new children have settled well in Nursery.  They have found many new fun things to do.  More photos of new children to follow shortly.